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Do you have a craving for Smoking fetish phone sex?  Delighting in the delicate inhale of sweet smoke as your hands trace the curves of my body? The other night I was talking to a very sensual gentleman. He wanted to hear me take a few drags as I slowly touched myself. As he listened to my every movement on the phone I walked onto the patio and stood by the open window that over looked the city where I lived. Wearing nothing but a silken robe, I lit my marlboro red and took a long deliberate drag. As I relished in the experience of nicotine and lust I slowly opened my robe. Not caring if the entire world saw my naked body. I gracefully sat in the window sill  with one leg up, the other down. Doing as I was told, sliding my vibrator in and out of my hungry wet pussy. My body was filled with desire. I could envision us together, me on top…our bodies grinding together as we shared the same cigarette  “Inhale” he said, And I threw my head back allowing the smoke to enter my mouth, holding it before allowing it to bellow out. Thinking of our lips finally coming together as our hungry bodies fit like lock and key. Our hearts beating as he slid deep inside me, in my mind with my eyes squeezed shut I felt him. Every hard inch, pulling me close….taking me,ravaging me…fucking me. Our bodies hungry for ecstasy  I could feel my honey pot gripping his throbbing cock and his hot load of creamy cum shot like lava inside me. I fantasized about his hands all over my body, his lips on my breasts sucking my hard nipples. Biting them, and flicking them with his tongue as my pussy lips throbbed around his cock.  His hands woven through my tangled hair as he pulled my head back, thrust his hips into mine and  forced me to have yet another orgasm until I collapsed in his arms during Smoking fetish phone sex.

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