Sex Game Phonesex

Lets play Sex Game Phonesex!

My friend Jo-Ann and I love to play naughty Sex Game Phonesex .  If you could fuck us how would you do it? We would love to hear just how you tick and moan! Find out all the naughty things you love to do with your cock. Just Sex Game Phone Sexhow will you use your finger shaft and tongue?


Toys please!

Will there be toys for everyone? Maybe you like Rough phone sex. Do you like it rough, loud, hard and deep? Perhaps we are to be tied up and spanked .  Or maybe your the one who longs to be in bondage. Tied up from your hands and feet? A ball gag stuffed in your mouth? Shall we place you in your gentleman’s chair and have our way with you?

Seduce us!

Show us just how you like it. What kinds of toys would you like to use on us, or have us use on you ? Maybe your a gentle man and prefer Seductive Phone sex. A bit of romance and sensuality to soothe your soul. We can still Sex Game Phonesexplay within the shades of grey if gentle is how you long to play. Long slow deep smoldering hot sensual fun . Whether its the three of us or just one on one.

Love sports?

Water sports more your thing? Long for those golden showers? Want us to drench you in our juices lover? Or are we the ones to be glazed with your delicious flow. While we are on our hands and knees begging for your load? Can we be your Cum sluts? Feed us nice and deep. We just love to share our lovers and we know just how to please.

Impregnation phone sex is red hot and kinky. Fill us with your rich creamy seed. Shall we ride you one at a time? Have us waiting on our knees? Long to fill our tight wet cunts with your hot thick sperm? Until its dripping down our thighs. Filling our bellies with your cum. Impregnating us with your naked dick. Enjoy our bodies as they change and sucking on our milky tits? Giving us hard deep strokes as we worship your dick.

We can also dress you up if your really kinky. We can even spank you if your bad. Do you need Spanking phone sex you naughty boy? Before we make you get on your hands and knees in bed? You know what is cumming. You see us sliding on our strap on dicks. Soon your gonna get it you dirty slut. Open up wide for 8 inches of Long hard strapon dick!

There is no right or wrong way to have Sex Game Phonesex. No limits, no judgment and no taboos. Bring us your fetishes and fantasies lover, the rest is up to you.

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