French Maid Phonesex

I do look forward to enjoying French Maid Phonesex with you very soon. Last night I  had a fantasy of being your naughty French maid. I clean seductively in just my black lacy apron and white thong sheer panties and thigh high stockings and heels. Each time I bend over you I watch your desire grow for me. Eventually I get into a lot of trouble when i feel you behind me . Your desire for my French Maid Phonesex rubs against me and you kiss the back of my neck. Before I can turn to look you are on your knees tasting my sweet juices after you pull my white panties to the side. Flicking your tongue on my honey pot. I am holding onto the wall as your fingers wander deeper within me

When you hired me, you insisted I understand I must pay attention to detail. When I agreed to be your French maid for Superbowl Sunday I hand no idea what you had in mind.  I would come to find out you love your pussy as much as you love your sports.  Your mouth devouring my tight pink cunt as your fingers explored my tight ass.

It wouldn’t be long until you had me bent over. You had every intention on conquering my naked body. I never had a chance, I was going to be yours and take every inch of your dick during half time. I savored every rock hard inch of your cock as it thrust-ed deep inside my pussy walls.  Your mushroom head pounding  me in ways no other man had.

Soon my Warm wet honey began to wash over your fuck stick. You continued to pound me as I drench you in my sex. Orgasm after orgasm was yours to command as you filled me to the brim.  Your thick creamy seed dripping from my soft smooth lips and down between my milky white thighs.  Silly was I to think you were done with me. The real fun began after Superbowl ended. You had plans for all my hot sweet pink places. All my tight holes yours to fill and thrill.

I am helpless to your desires. Call me , your wish is my command! Lets enjoy Super bowl Phone sex together.

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