Cuckold Slave Phone Sex

Know your place during Cuckold Slave Phone Sex!

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex  is every cucks dream. Imagine your mistress is Cuckold Slave Phone Sexasleep above you. Sleepily I awake from my slumber.  Reaching down to unlatch the cage you’ve slept in . The Cuckold Cage you slept in every night for the past eight months.
You begged for the privledge to serve me obediently. Many slaves never even get this far. Humbly you turned over the key to your Chasity & your wallet to me.  Part of serving your mistress is being humbled in surrender. Leaving yourself completely vulnerable to my whim. Giving over complete power to me to do with as I so choose. There is a strength in being a submissive. Not everyone can do it. Many will falter during the first day. Unable to take simple commands. Unwilling to do what it takes to serve me as I deserve to be served.

Begging to serve as my Cuckold Slave!

When I allow you to & your given permission you start your day. You crawl outFoot fetish and quickly scurry under the covers to get to where you belong.  What a good submissive slave you are! You have your collar and chastity cage on – both of which are permanently locked. You don’t need to cum anymore.  Eating my creampie cunt and sucking lots of dick is how you get off now.

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex Starts with Creampie!

You start your worship of my fuck hole in earnest.  Licking and sucking my  perfect cunt.  It feels so good I hold your head in place. You eat my creampie pussy likes its your last meal.  Your tongue flicks across my Perfect Clit.  Soft moans escape my lips as I allow you the privledge of pleasing me.   My Creampie cunt erupts in a flood of pussy juice. Squirting into your hungry mouth as you slurp and lick up every drop.

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex means complete Submission to me!

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex means serving me completely. As my submissive you attend to all my needs.  I have you draw me a bath and bathe me and then shoo you away to make me breakfast and begin my chores.  I pick my phone up and make a call.  “Morning Mistress J, it’s Victoria.  I have a cock hungry slut that needs to be disciplined.  Are you available  this morning?  Great. I’ll see you in an hour or so.  I want slave to put on a good show for me today. Bring your strapon & a few well hung men, See you soon.”
Eaves dropping on mistress!
As you hear this you know how your day will end with you on your knees. Sucking lots of large strange cock for my pleasure. I see that you eavesdrop but I am not angry.  ” I see you heard what I spoke to mistress J about?”  You nod knowing you have been caught. ” She is going to bring some well hung gentlemen over to fuck your mouth.” You nod and respond obediently ” As it pleases my mistress I shall obey.”
Awaiting the Cuckold Phone Sex Slave party!
Like a Good slave you ready my home for our guests. Your scared but excited all at the same time. Especially when you understand the dress code is Boots only of which you have none. You’ll be completely naked for this party. Bombarded by big cocks all evening. How many will there be? Will your mistress and Mistress J be getting fucked? Perhaps if your fortunate you will get to watch. Maybe your mouth and your ass gets fucked tonight? One never knows how Cuckold Slave Phone Sex will end. Call to find out if your dare!
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Pussy Worship Phone sex

Pussy Worship Phone sex

Pussy Worship Phone sex beckons you.

Your tongue and cock ache to taste and feel the divine pleasure only I can offer you. My legs spread wide teasing you with the sweet buffet that awaits, if you are so lucky to take but a taste.  Swollen pink juicy lips with just a bead of sweet sweat rolling down call your name. Are you ready for my Pussy Worship Phone sex?

You are enthralled by your Cuckold Mistress

Delicious engorged clit pink and wet commands your attention. You would do anything to lull my beautiful pussy to sweet ecstasy. You have dreamed of my delicious sweet cum. Admit it you do anything for me to squirt all over your face and hear “ME” screaming ” YOUR” name.

Are you worthy to serve me?

If you are even lucky enough to find yourself that close to me it would be like winning the lottery to give me Pussy Licking Phone sex. I have many Phone sex slaves who adore and worship me. Who would do just about anything to make that dream a reality. Keeping you on the edge with Tease and Denial Phone sex for hours.  It’s true I am your dream phone sex girl come to life. Who says dreams can’t manifest into reality?

My sweetness intoxicates you.

Come closer and taste my silky sweet lips.  Taboo Phone sex Kiss lingers upon your bottom lip then your top. My tongue weaves its way into your mouth. Delicate hands slide down your arms and back as yours long to posses me. Get on your knees yet again !

Come hither for more!

Eager to bury your face into my heavenly honey pot. Of course you do not deserve the privilege of fucking me. I only fuck the superior dicks of Alpha men. Feel so very blessed to be able to offer me the pleasure of your mouth. Your cock trapped into the Chasity belt you willingly wear for me.

I own you in every way!

Your dick belongs to me. I wear the key to your Chasity belt around my neck like a prize. Of course although your married to someone else you are forbidden to fuck your pretty wife. But why would you want to? She could never compare to me. I am perfect in every single way.

I am one of a kind!

Search the entire world over , you will never find another woman as erotic & exotic as me. Yearning for the privilege to sit obediently by my bed and watch me get fucked by another. Sit as close as you can so can watch That big throbbing Alpha dick go deep down inside me  in ways your cock never could .

You crave me.

If your really good I might take your dick out and stroke it. The fact I am even willing to touch your penis means everything to you. Delight in hearing about all the men I have been fucking as I milk you. Delighting in being my Cuckold Phone sex slave slut.

Privileges must be earned!

You long to leave your wife for me and dedicate yourself to fulfilling only my desires. Divine privileges must be earned.  An Elegant superior Cuckold Mistress such as myself can have anyone at my feet and between my legs. Can you prove to be worthy of the privilege to serve me?

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Extreme Sissy phonesex


Lots of things are going on this month.  We had Saint Patricks day, Steak and blow job day. And who could forget MARCH MADNESS! But I always make time for Extreme Sissy Phone sex. I love my submissive  panty boys  who know how to get down during Cheerleader phone sex.

The only way I can make sense of my hunger for Extreme Sissy phonesex is by having a taste of it everyday. When my sissy phone lovers call me seeking something unique and delicious, I like to offer them something they really can’t get anywhere else. For some it’s all about wanting a phone lover who can get really nasty and dirty with their kinky fetishes & fantasies. They crave someone who won’t judge what they want sexually and will openly and honestly give them exactly what they want when they need it most.

Over the weekend a favorite cross dressing phonesex lover of mine told me he wanted to enjoy a no limits phone sex fantasy where I would be a mean cheer leader  Who made fun of his little tiny dick. Thinking about me and all my girlfriends there to laugh at his tiny dick made him rock hard. I dressed him up in pink thong panties & a stuffed pink lace bra. He was begging to slip on my uniform too.  I created mean cheers just for him as he jerked his tiny prick off for me and my sexy girlfriends friends! It was so hot telling him how pathetic his tiny miniature man meat was.

After he stroked his pin dick for us my submissive sissy slut pushed his pink panties  to the side in sissy pantyboy phone sex.  My crossdressing slut spread his man cheeks nice and wide  and even took a little toy in his sweet sissy ass pussy. Suddenly We heard a knock on the door . We immediately jumped to open it! Much to our surprise more of my girlfriends had come to play. We pushed all his buttons during our little dick humiliation Cheerleader fantasy crossdressing sissy fetish fun. We laughed so hard as he blew his tiny little load of jizz juice .  We made him say our names as he looked right at the camera while we were taping him acting like a total freaky phone sex addict. Then I stood over him and I pushed his face  down and made him lick my tight pussy after he begged me for the privilege.  We wanted to jerk off his little dick again but I continued to get my nut off. I squirted in his hungry eager mouth. He licked all my cum up like the depraved panty slave he is.  That is just a sample of all the dirty things we did to “J” ! 

Are you a horny panty boy? Dirty fantasies and fetishes? Mrs. Nice saying no to your desires? Craving a real live Mistress who will make you blow your load? I would love to hear just what makes you tick while you stroke your rock hard dick!

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Bisexual phone sex

I try to keep the urge to have Bisexual phone sex to myself, but lately it’s been coming up more than it usually does. When I was  younger I use to have threesomes with my roommate and her boyfriend. He loved watching her eat my pussy as he jerked off. She really knew how to use her tongue rather well which kept me squirting. Not too long ago, she reached out to me asking if we could meet up and hang out like old times. I of course accepted her invitation.

We met up at her new house that she shared with her husband. She was a regular housewife who spent her husband’s’ money while he worked long hours. This was the lifestyle she always wanted so I wasn’t surprised to see that she was living it. We sat and chatted over tea and cookies reminiscing about the old days. At one point she excused herself for an extended amount of time. I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up, her tongue was buried in my honey pot.

I was moaning so loudly that I almost didn’t notice a handsome man standing there watching us. He started taking off his pants and jerking his meat while my friend made me cum for the third time. I figured the man was her husband and wanted to see lesbian phone sex. After I squirted in her mouth once more, she got on top of me and we bumped vaginas while her husband nutted on their marble floors

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Creampie phone sex


creampie phone sex - Copy

My horny cuckold phone lovers crave my Creampie phone sex. It’s often hard for my pussy to be pleased by a small cock. My one Phone lover (you know who you are)  often tries to come to my house and have nasty phone sex with me, but his penis doesn’t satisfy me at all. In order for me to make my pussy squirt and be completely satisfied, I invite my big cock lovers over to my house and fuck them right in front of my little dick phone sex pervert. Having a huge throbbing fuck stick balls deep inside of me quenches my sexual thirst in more ways than one. I enjoy having my pussy walls rearranged and leaning my round ass back as a big pulsating piece of man meat enters my wet honey pot slowly then slams its last inch into me fulfilling my every need. Small tiny pathetic pensises can never satisfy me  when they try to enter my treasure chest. Big cock phone sex is what I often dream about. When my well hung friends comes over and fuck me in front of my horny phone sex lover, I’m taken into a completely new sexual world. After I’m filled with cum, I give my sloppy seconds to my tiny cock phone sex submissive. He eats my creampie and makes me cum all over again in cuckold phone sex. I allow him to fuck my already well fucked pussy with his minature man meat so he can get a phone sex treat. I let him know I can barely feel him inside of me, but he cums within a few minutes and passes out on the side of my bed like he really fucked me hard. Its so funny to watch as he pumps me hard and gives my perfect pussy hell. He should know a goddess like me could never be satisfied with such a little dick. No wonder he makes the perfect cuckold submissive.

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