Steak and blowjob day



Some of my phone sex lover have expressed  women get so much love and attention on valentine’s day, that the men are often forgotten about. Now we all know that I get great pleasure from serving up sexy conversations especially on Steak and blowjob day .  I think it’s important to show all men that they matter and sometimes the only way to do that is to serve them something juicy with a lot of head on the side. One of my phone sex boyfriends called me and was upset by the unfairness of  valentine’s day that he nearly forgot that it was Steak and blowjob day .  I went into the kitchen with nothing on but my sheer apron to fix him a juicy mouth watering steak in seductive phone sex. I seasoned his steak to perfection and placed it on the grill to cook. While I was cleaning up, I accidentally knocked over a few things. When I bent down to pick them up, he was right behind me with his cock in hand ready to be served a phone sex treat. While I rubbed my pussy, I took all of him into my sloppy wet mouth and gave him the best blowjob phone sex he’s ever received. He moaned out, enjoying every minute of his treat. Before I knew it, his steak was done, but I wasn’t finished serving his cock up. So while he ate his steak, I continued sucking his cock underneath the table so he could enjoy bother dinner and dessert. Looking for something sweet? Why not Treat yourself  to something special. Its Steak and blowjob day  you deserve the best of everything!

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