Strict Phone Sex

My Strict Phone Sex tasks have been keeping my new slaves very busy.  My favorite is a very greedy little bitch! He loves doing exactly what I tell him and doesn’t ever disobey me even when it’s tempted to do so. He’s had other Mistresses, but they never really put him in his place like I do in bdsm phone sex. We recently went shopping together to purchase me some new leather corsets and heels for me to dominate him in.

I browsed through the aisles at this new  store for fitting high heels and leather  at the mall. I just had to have the  perfect outfit for tonight. I needed something that would set my domination phone sex sessions off and tempt my new slave even more. After shopping for what seemed like hours, I found a pair of  black thigh high lace up leather boots and a matching leather corset with red lace tied around the center. Once I purchased my items I decided it was time for us to go back home so I could really put him to the test.


Are you hungry to be dominated by me?

He salivated  hungrily the entire way home. I could see his hard cock making a tent in his pants. By the time we got back to my room he was  going crazy. My submissive slut couldn’t wait to serve my every desire. He lives to worship my perfect pussy. Even being blessed with the privilege  of me before him is enough to make his pre-cum drip.  Mistress V loves making him wait  with anticipation to what I may have in store for him!

I love prolonging your erotic agony.

I took my new items out of my bag and slowly and seductively put them on in front of my slave. It wasn’t long before I tied the corset tightly around my waist as he bowed down before me. Often I  kept seeing him taking quick glances at me hoping I didn’t notice. His Mistress made him come closer as I put on my eight inch thigh high boots. Once I told him to worship them, he asked if he could lick them. My eyes could see his cock getting hard but I denied him the privilege of doing anything of the sort.


Call me when your looking for a Strict Phone Sex mistress to fulfill all your kinky fantasies! I can’t wait to give you a naughty Easter treat! This weekend.

CALL ME VICTORIA: 1-888-295-4932

Sissy boy phonesex

Sissy boy phonesex

Are you a Sissy boy looking for a mistress to train you?

Turns out that one of my naughty phone sex lovers is into Sissy boy phonesex. He’s been looking for a strict Mistress for sometime now and when he came across me at a bdsm party, he couldn’t wait to get the pleasure of me training him.

After a few conversations, we begin training for Sissy boy phonesex right away.

I like to mix crossdressing phone sex in everything I do with my sissy boys, so we first went by the mall to get a few items. I love anything pink and frilly, but he wanted something red. I told him that it wasn’t really up to him, but red did look good on him so I decided to give a go.

Once we got back to his place we tried on all of the items.

The items we tried on fit perfectly so it was time to put my plan into work. One of my old college buddies has the biggest cock you’ll ever see in real life. I decided to give my sissy boy a lesson in bbc phone sex.

He was hesitant at first to try Sissy boy phonesex like they always are, but I wanted to see how he would act.

My friend came over with a hard cock and my sissy boy started sucking it right away. Once my friend nutted in his mouth, our first lesson of blowjob phone sex was over.

I knew he would make a good sissy boy.

Want some sissy boy training? Give me a call so we can go over your new lesson plan. I want to turn you into a pretty princess and teach you how to be my good little sissy slut. I want to show you how to walk and talk and dress. I will even email you a few of my beauty secrets after each one of our sessions. I can’t wait to transform you into my beautiful sissy cock sucking slut!

CALL ME: VICTORIA: 1-888-295-4932