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I will dress you up in lingerie. Craving  dick more than pussy.  All your thoughts will be occupied with sucking dick. You want to be filled with dick!

My seductive voice penetrates the deepest depths of your mind. Hypnotizing you into being a sissy cock sucking faggot! Soon your ass will pucker. Puckering at the thought of being bent over  & fucked.

Dare to be my Butt slut? Your ass will be completely violated. Soon your ass cherry will be  penetrated. Tight little shit hole totally destroyed.  Forced to take your pain anal ! Crying out like the depraved sissy faggot slave you are!

Bow down to your Dominant mistress! Your a weak inferior man!  Serve me on your hands & knees! Kneel before me & obey.  Beg to be filled and fucked! Used like a dirty depraved pathetic sissy whore. Your empty without cock. Dick is all you live for. All you think about is rock hard throbbing shafts. Long hard fuck meat filling both your holes.

Open wide & submit! Forget free will. You no longer get to choose. I am all you need. Everything I tell you to do you want to do. Your mouth was made for dick. Lick your lips sissy & beg.

Your ass was made for cock. All you want to do is suck dick. You desire only to   serve me. Craving cock 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Every bath house toy shop & glory hole calls your name.  Scrolling on Dating aps begging for hard dick!

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Submit to your Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck Mistress!

Don’t try to fight my Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck. Get on your knees. Serve in your stockings. Submissive in your pretty pink panties . Mouth open begging to deepthroat hard dick. Taking dicks two at a time. Ass up head down waiting. On  your  hands & knees helpless. Room with wall to wall big fat throbbing cocks. Of course you beg. Crying for dick like the pathetic cum dumpster you are. “Please mistress I want to be fucked!” Of course you do!

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Cuckold Slave Phone Sex

Know your place during Cuckold Slave Phone Sex!

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex  is every cucks dream. Imagine your mistress is Cuckold Slave Phone Sexasleep above you. Sleepily I awake from my slumber.  Reaching down to unlatch the cage you’ve slept in . The Cuckold Cage you slept in every night for the past eight months.
You begged for the privledge to serve me obediently. Many slaves never even get this far. Humbly you turned over the key to your Chasity & your wallet to me.  Part of serving your mistress is being humbled in surrender. Leaving yourself completely vulnerable to my whim. Giving over complete power to me to do with as I so choose. There is a strength in being a submissive. Not everyone can do it. Many will falter during the first day. Unable to take simple commands. Unwilling to do what it takes to serve me as I deserve to be served.

Begging to serve as my Cuckold Slave!

When I allow you to & your given permission you start your day. You crawl outFoot fetish and quickly scurry under the covers to get to where you belong.  What a good submissive slave you are! You have your collar and chastity cage on – both of which are permanently locked. You don’t need to cum anymore.  Eating my creampie cunt and sucking lots of dick is how you get off now.

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex Starts with Creampie!

You start your worship of my fuck hole in earnest.  Licking and sucking my  perfect cunt.  It feels so good I hold your head in place. You eat my creampie pussy likes its your last meal.  Your tongue flicks across my Perfect Clit.  Soft moans escape my lips as I allow you the privledge of pleasing me.   My Creampie cunt erupts in a flood of pussy juice. Squirting into your hungry mouth as you slurp and lick up every drop.

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex means complete Submission to me!

Cuckold Slave Phone Sex means serving me completely. As my submissive you attend to all my needs.  I have you draw me a bath and bathe me and then shoo you away to make me breakfast and begin my chores.  I pick my phone up and make a call.  “Morning Mistress J, it’s Victoria.  I have a cock hungry slut that needs to be disciplined.  Are you available  this morning?  Great. I’ll see you in an hour or so.  I want slave to put on a good show for me today. Bring your strapon & a few well hung men, See you soon.”
Eaves dropping on mistress!
As you hear this you know how your day will end with you on your knees. Sucking lots of large strange cock for my pleasure. I see that you eavesdrop but I am not angry.  ” I see you heard what I spoke to mistress J about?”  You nod knowing you have been caught. ” She is going to bring some well hung gentlemen over to fuck your mouth.” You nod and respond obediently ” As it pleases my mistress I shall obey.”
Awaiting the Cuckold Phone Sex Slave party!
Like a Good slave you ready my home for our guests. Your scared but excited all at the same time. Especially when you understand the dress code is Boots only of which you have none. You’ll be completely naked for this party. Bombarded by big cocks all evening. How many will there be? Will your mistress and Mistress J be getting fucked? Perhaps if your fortunate you will get to watch. Maybe your mouth and your ass gets fucked tonight? One never knows how Cuckold Slave Phone Sex will end. Call to find out if your dare!
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