Pantyhose phone sex

Pantyhose phone sex

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The other day I caught my college roommate wearing stockings in Pantyhose phone sex. I first caught him buying them at a lingerie store when we went shopping together after class. We both tried on our silky garments in separate dressing rooms, He had no idea that I actually caught a quick glance of him wearing pantyhose.

He confessed all his Pantyhose phone sex desires to me.

Once we got home I went on the internet and found his profile on line of him confessing how much he loves pantyhose. So one day while he was at work I snuck into his room and found his porn and stash of pantyhose. I decided to make him confess and black mail him in confession phone sex.

Now all he can think about is having more Pantyhose phone sex.

Wanting to install the fear of letting his coworkers in on his dirty little secret I didn’t stop there. I decided to pretend to go to work, while purposely leaving my gently worn panty hose from the night before  with my freshly fucked dildo laying on the bed for him to find. To make things even more interesting, I took a day off from work so that we could have seductive phone sex.

There are so many ways to enjoy Pantyhose phone sex with me

Hopeful I would find him wearing my pantyhose and playing with my thick dildo I waited. I was shocked when I walked in on him wearing my stockings and touching himself while sucking on my dildo that was already covered in my sticky juices. Then I made him bend over and played with his ass as I watched his dick perk up. Within minutes he exploded onto my bed and stained my stockings with his semen.

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