Seductive Anal Phonesex


Many of my naughty Anal Phonesex lovers stick out in the fore front of my mind. But one of my favorites is Naughty “Mr. E” . He loves when I take Big Black cock in all my holes. Especially when my tight little Ass gets filled to the brim with throbbing Mandingo dick!

Cuckold prepares me for my lovers.

Seductive Anal Phonesex entices you. My Cuckold Phone Sex lover ensconced my senses by blind folding me and tying my hands in silken rope. Keeping his plan a mystery promising the best was yet to come. As he began to tease my most tender tight fuck hole with his tongue and an ice cube ever so slowly.  

Begging For Big Black Dick

He rubbed his long strong fingers upon my meaty clit while his long  tongue drenched my tight little shit hole. ” Mr. E” Encouraged me to push my ass upon his tongue. My clit began to throb in arousal as he continued to tempt and tease. I was riding his eager hungry mouth until I was begging to be filled to the brim with lots of big dick.

It wasn’t long until He let in all my well hung suitors. Soon my firm butt cheeks were well oiled and spread wide for lots of big fat cock. After my many Anal Phone Sex lovers had their way with me “Mr. E” prepared himself for his favorite meal. Nothing wets his appetite like a thick sweet juicy anal cream pie dripping into my tight wet cunt!

“Mr. E” Started with the wet spot between my thighs, then began eating my pussy from the back. It wasn’t long before he licked every single drop of creamy cum out of my well fucked ass.

His long fingers gliding in and out of my juicy honey pot until I came again and again. Then after He licked every drop  cum from my tender holes it was his turn to have his way with me.

“Mr. E” drove his big hard throbbing shaft deep inside me again and again until he filled me with his creamy seed. Breeding me like a dirty whore. Filling me with his thick white sperm. Pushing ever drop of his hot wild man meat into me again and again until his balls were completely drained.

Does the idea of 1 on 1 Anal Phonesex fun intrigue you?  Or does having me entertain all of your friends hold a grander appeal? Or are you the one who wants to dress up like a bitch boy and take my strap on balls deep hmmm? Lets make your fantasy come alive during our special naughty time on the phone.

Whether you want me to be your back door babe , Or you want to be my Sissy boy toy Call me for Anal Phone Sex fun.

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Phone Sex Therapist

The doctor is in!

I was offered a position as a Phone Sex Therapist at my friends’ office. She’s been looking for someone who can handle all of her clients who suffer from kinky phone sex issues that she doesn’t have experience in. Monday was my first day and it was a very memorable time. Dressed in my hottest red dress I was excited to make my debut!

Open your mind to me.

I met with an older man by the name of “M” He’s in his early 50’s and has been suffering from dark phone sex fantasies. Ever since he was about 20 years old. “M” has been having dreams of a woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and a Phone Sex Therapisttight frame.  My Red kitten stiletto open toe high heels commanded his attention as we spoke that day. Bending over purposely to further stimulate his senses.

No judgement only pleasure.

In his dreams, she would give him blowjob phone sex then sit on his face. Riding his tongue for hours all while his wife was sitting there watching. Waking up in a cold sweat and almost thinking that what he just experienced in his dream was real. He went on to tell me that his erotic phone sex dreams were becoming more sexual. Sometimes “M”  would even have threesome phone sex in them.

Relax & enjoy!

After “M” closed his eyes and pictured the woman he had seen in his dreams. I told him to imagine she was riding his face again. As we spoke his cock got  rock hard. While he was imagining this, I climbed on top of him and felt his tongue enter my pussy. He was in such a trance that he really believed that he was dreaming. Once I came a few times, I had him open his eyes and scheduled a few more appointments with him.

Call me now and let me be your fantasy Phone Sex Therapist
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Pussy Worship Phone sex

Pussy Worship Phone sex

Pussy Worship Phone sex beckons you.

Your tongue and cock ache to taste and feel the divine pleasure only I can offer you. My legs spread wide teasing you with the sweet buffet that awaits, if you are so lucky to take but a taste.  Swollen pink juicy lips with just a bead of sweet sweat rolling down call your name. Are you ready for my Pussy Worship Phone sex?

You are enthralled by your Cuckold Mistress

Delicious engorged clit pink and wet commands your attention. You would do anything to lull my beautiful pussy to sweet ecstasy. You have dreamed of my delicious sweet cum. Admit it you do anything for me to squirt all over your face and hear “ME” screaming ” YOUR” name.

Are you worthy to serve me?

If you are even lucky enough to find yourself that close to me it would be like winning the lottery to give me Pussy Licking Phone sex. I have many Phone sex slaves who adore and worship me. Who would do just about anything to make that dream a reality. Keeping you on the edge with Tease and Denial Phone sex for hours.  It’s true I am your dream phone sex girl come to life. Who says dreams can’t manifest into reality?

My sweetness intoxicates you.

Come closer and taste my silky sweet lips.  Taboo Phone sex Kiss lingers upon your bottom lip then your top. My tongue weaves its way into your mouth. Delicate hands slide down your arms and back as yours long to posses me. Get on your knees yet again !

Come hither for more!

Eager to bury your face into my heavenly honey pot. Of course you do not deserve the privilege of fucking me. I only fuck the superior dicks of Alpha men. Feel so very blessed to be able to offer me the pleasure of your mouth. Your cock trapped into the Chasity belt you willingly wear for me.

I own you in every way!

Your dick belongs to me. I wear the key to your Chasity belt around my neck like a prize. Of course although your married to someone else you are forbidden to fuck your pretty wife. But why would you want to? She could never compare to me. I am perfect in every single way.

I am one of a kind!

Search the entire world over , you will never find another woman as erotic & exotic as me. Yearning for the privilege to sit obediently by my bed and watch me get fucked by another. Sit as close as you can so can watch That big throbbing Alpha dick go deep down inside me  in ways your cock never could .

You crave me.

If your really good I might take your dick out and stroke it. The fact I am even willing to touch your penis means everything to you. Delight in hearing about all the men I have been fucking as I milk you. Delighting in being my Cuckold Phone sex slave slut.

Privileges must be earned!

You long to leave your wife for me and dedicate yourself to fulfilling only my desires. Divine privileges must be earned.  An Elegant superior Cuckold Mistress such as myself can have anyone at my feet and between my legs. Can you prove to be worthy of the privilege to serve me?

Call me now and Treat yourself to Pussy Worship Phone sex

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BDSM phone sex

BDSM phone sex

I need a man with an open mind and wallet who is ready to submit themselves to me and give me what I need. I don’t care what you have to do as long as you understand who your Mistress is and obey my every command. I have found that it can be hard sometimes for a man who isn’t fully into the BDSM phone sex lifestyle to give himself fully to me.  

Of course my friend Jo has other needs. She wants to be taken and controlled like a Submissive phone sex slut. She wants to be tied up spanked and fucked. On her knees begging for your dick like a slave. Jo is a dirty little cum dumpster addicted to ever drop of Jizz juice she can get her hands on. Thou she could never be worthy of your cum she will eagerly be on her hands and knees to please you.

My training prepares the normal man for something that he’s never experienced before. This can sometimes make a man do things that he’s never even dreamed of. The allure of my powerful prowess will possess your will as you slowly become MINE!  Before long you will be begging to be my favorite phone sex sub.

While my friend Jo is a trained obedient little whore. She understands her place is at your feet. Meant to serve and be used like the pathetic fuck toy she is. Never have you encountered anyone so obedient.

The first man I gave slave phone sex training to was a lonely older man who was bored with life. He would wake up, eat breakfast, drive to work, come home, go to bed, and repeat this same cycle everyday. It was dull. He was a virgin so he never really experienced his sexual side. I used this against him while he completed his training.

During the second week of training he was drained. He was dying to cum and wanted someone to take control of his cock so that’s exactly what was done. I Of course that was after all his chasity belt training *snickers.

  I told him to watch me as I squeezed my perfect breasts together and teased him while his cock leaked pre cum in tease and denial phone sex. His cock twitched for hours before I finally allowed him to drain his dick. I knew he was wanting more, but I didn’t care. My control on his mind didn’t allow him to ask for anything else.

Bow down and worship a true Goddess.  Or command a Submissive little slut! Discover the pleasure of submitting to my whim.  Or indulge in your desire to own your personal obedient little whore. What is your secret kink or fetish?  Do you want to control or be controlled? Do you desire to abuse or be abused? Lets explore the deep depths of your mind to find out! Don’t worry if you can’t decide, Jo and I love to play together. Want more BDSM phone sex ?

Call me now! 1-888-295-4932  & Jo 1-877-631-3024
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Little Dick Phonesex

Little Dick Phonesex

Are you a Little Dick Phonesex Pantyboy Crossdressing sissy?

All my Little Dick Phonesex Pantyboy Crossdressing Sissy sluts know their place! Little dicks get Humiliation and put in pretty pink panties!  Whether you just like girls or are a bit cock curious two can play at pretty pantyboy Cross Dressing Phone sex !

Whether its soft seductive humiliation or some hard core Little Dick Phonesex I just love dressing you up and making you my bitch! Your little dick is going to feel so good in a pair of silky pink pretty panties don’t you think?

Some of my Little Dick Phonesex sluts fantasize about being a  househusband who must endure sexy but humiliating punishments. Do I make you dress in my silky panties, cami and pantyhose? Everyone knows how badly my pathetic little sissy sluts want to be forced into feminization! The Humiliation of being forced to walk around like a submissive crossdressing slut for my pleasure makes your tiny dick so hard duringSmall Penis Humiliation Phonesex .

Of course I don’t stop there! Your are forced on your hands and knees to worship my pretty pussy and sniff my sweaty dirty panties. A reminder of the day I had dressed up sexy at the office. All those men looking at my nice firm ass in my short dress suit gets your little dick so hard. If your lucky We might talk about all the men who flirted with me.

I know this makes you very jealous. I get to be the office Boss while you get to stay home until my return. Eager for me to walk through the door so you can wait on me hand and foot ! I own your little dick. Your teeny weenie miniature penis belongs to me.  If you are truly lucky I might lock your cock up in a chasity belt device. Only allowing you to pull  out your mini sissy dick man meat at my wim. Where once a month I will milk your penis at a time of my choosing.


Call me for more Little Dick Phonesex ! I can’t wait to dress you up and humiliate your little dick. Call me now! 1-888-295-4932 

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Sex Game Phonesex

Lets play Sex Game Phonesex!

My friend Jo-Ann and I love to play naughty Sex Game Phonesex .  If you could fuck us how would you do it? We would love to hear just how you tick and moan! Find out all the naughty things you love to do with your cock. Just Sex Game Phone Sexhow will you use your finger shaft and tongue?


Toys please!

Will there be toys for everyone? Maybe you like Rough phone sex. Do you like it rough, loud, hard and deep? Perhaps we are to be tied up and spanked .  Or maybe your the one who longs to be in bondage. Tied up from your hands and feet? A ball gag stuffed in your mouth? Shall we place you in your gentleman’s chair and have our way with you?

Seduce us!

Show us just how you like it. What kinds of toys would you like to use on us, or have us use on you ? Maybe your a gentle man and prefer Seductive Phone sex. A bit of romance and sensuality to soothe your soul. We can still Sex Game Phonesexplay within the shades of grey if gentle is how you long to play. Long slow deep smoldering hot sensual fun . Whether its the three of us or just one on one.

Love sports?

Water sports more your thing? Long for those golden showers? Want us to drench you in our juices lover? Or are we the ones to be glazed with your delicious flow. While we are on our hands and knees begging for your load? Can we be your Cum sluts? Feed us nice and deep. We just love to share our lovers and we know just how to please.

Impregnation phone sex is red hot and kinky. Fill us with your rich creamy seed. Shall we ride you one at a time? Have us waiting on our knees? Long to fill our tight wet cunts with your hot thick sperm? Until its dripping down our thighs. Filling our bellies with your cum. Impregnating us with your naked dick. Enjoy our bodies as they change and sucking on our milky tits? Giving us hard deep strokes as we worship your dick.

We can also dress you up if your really kinky. We can even spank you if your bad. Do you need Spanking phone sex you naughty boy? Before we make you get on your hands and knees in bed? You know what is cumming. You see us sliding on our strap on dicks. Soon your gonna get it you dirty slut. Open up wide for 8 inches of Long hard strapon dick!

There is no right or wrong way to have Sex Game Phonesex. No limits, no judgment and no taboos. Bring us your fetishes and fantasies lover, the rest is up to you.

Want more Sex Game Phonesex ?

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Phone Sex Secret


Have you ever had a Phone Sex Secret? A secret that was so tempting to tell, but could really turn into something really naughty. Well I have a saucy seductive phone sex secret that has been on my mind for a while now. It’s so sweet and tasty that I can feel it on the tip of my tongue whenever someone calls and asks me about it. It’s one of those things that you really shouldn’t tell, but it’s too tempting not to.

I’m sure you’ve been trying to figure out what my aching secret is and where it lies. Well I can give you a few sultry phone sex clues but I’m sure you’ll still be in the dark. My secret is something that only men with huge cocks have experienced. It’s something that’s tight, wet, divine and juicy. Something you probably have always dreamed about but never really knew what was going on. For you to guess what my secret is, you will have to dig deep into your extreme phone sex thoughts. Those thoughts you keep buried in the back of your mind will in fact explain the sultry secret that I’ve been keeping all to myself.

Are you still confused and trying to figure out what it is? The best thing you can do is call me so I give you more naughty clues and hints and then just maybe you’ll finally figure out what I’ve been holding onto for years. There’s only one way to find out what Phone Sex Secret I’m keeping. So give me a call today to find out. Give in to your hidden desires 😉

Call me now! 1-888-295-4932
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March madness phone sex

Have you ever craved something so sweet? Something that you’ve heard of, but never had the privilege of tasting? There’s nothing more sweet than having a taste of March Madness phone sex. People who have gotten the chance to taste it don’t look anywhere else to get their fix. I can perform any type of roleplay phone sex you want. It doesn’t matter if you want something naughty or nice. I can be your phone sex slut or your Mistress you play with at night in my bdsm dungeon. Either way it goes I’m available for some of the most kinkiest phone sex fantasies.

Some find it hard to find their phone sex match. It can be challenging to find that person who shares in your kinky fetishes. I like getting filthy when I phone fuck any man. I find that the more I fuck a man’s mind the more stuck to me he will be. There’s nothing more precious than a man walking around like a little puppy sniffing around his owner and begging for every ounce of attention she has. I don’t care what you have going on in your mind as long as it consists of me getting what I need.

What do I need? I need someone who understands my cravings for control and knows that I need my holes fucked at all times. I want the ultimate phone sex experience with all of my phone lovers.

Looking for anything goes phone sex During March Madness? with a sexy provider? Give me a call!

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Extreme Sissy phonesex


Lots of things are going on this month.  We had Saint Patricks day, Steak and blow job day. And who could forget MARCH MADNESS! But I always make time for Extreme Sissy Phone sex. I love my submissive  panty boys  who know how to get down during Cheerleader phone sex.

The only way I can make sense of my hunger for Extreme Sissy phonesex is by having a taste of it everyday. When my sissy phone lovers call me seeking something unique and delicious, I like to offer them something they really can’t get anywhere else. For some it’s all about wanting a phone lover who can get really nasty and dirty with their kinky fetishes & fantasies. They crave someone who won’t judge what they want sexually and will openly and honestly give them exactly what they want when they need it most.

Over the weekend a favorite cross dressing phonesex lover of mine told me he wanted to enjoy a no limits phone sex fantasy where I would be a mean cheer leader  Who made fun of his little tiny dick. Thinking about me and all my girlfriends there to laugh at his tiny dick made him rock hard. I dressed him up in pink thong panties & a stuffed pink lace bra. He was begging to slip on my uniform too.  I created mean cheers just for him as he jerked his tiny prick off for me and my sexy girlfriends friends! It was so hot telling him how pathetic his tiny miniature man meat was.

After he stroked his pin dick for us my submissive sissy slut pushed his pink panties  to the side in sissy pantyboy phone sex.  My crossdressing slut spread his man cheeks nice and wide  and even took a little toy in his sweet sissy ass pussy. Suddenly We heard a knock on the door . We immediately jumped to open it! Much to our surprise more of my girlfriends had come to play. We pushed all his buttons during our little dick humiliation Cheerleader fantasy crossdressing sissy fetish fun. We laughed so hard as he blew his tiny little load of jizz juice .  We made him say our names as he looked right at the camera while we were taping him acting like a total freaky phone sex addict. Then I stood over him and I pushed his face  down and made him lick my tight pussy after he begged me for the privilege.  We wanted to jerk off his little dick again but I continued to get my nut off. I squirted in his hungry eager mouth. He licked all my cum up like the depraved panty slave he is.  That is just a sample of all the dirty things we did to “J” ! 

Are you a horny panty boy? Dirty fantasies and fetishes? Mrs. Nice saying no to your desires? Craving a real live Mistress who will make you blow your load? I would love to hear just what makes you tick while you stroke your rock hard dick!

Call me now! 1-888-295-4932

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Sissy Training Phonesex

If there’s one thing everyone knows about me, it’s that I love to dominate sissys! I like Sissy Training Phonesex because it helps me train men who know they have no better use than to be humiliated by me. Using you and making you dress in pink panties and dresses is a lot of fun for me. I know it turns you on because you keep calling and begging for me to use you even more. Yesterday I finally decided to take on another new submissive sissy and show him the ropes.

I met him at the park while walking my friends dog who was out of town. I guess he could tell I loved domination phone sex by the way I walked because he ran up to me asking if I ever took control of a sissy. I stated that I did, but I didn’t take on every sissy that came my way. Afterall, it’s a privilege to be trained by me so I only take on those I feel are worthy. I told him to give me a call so we could start training that same evening.

Once he called I made him send me all of his naughty phone sex photos of him doing wild things. He sent me photos of him sucking cock, putting on makeup, and jacking off. I saved them and made a mental note to myself to use them to expose him later. The next day he sent me a video of him sucking a guys’ cock and literally begged for me not to show anyone. I can’t wait to make him take my big strap on dick! I want to break his man pussy in with my 7 inches of Strapon phone sex fun! 

Want more of my Sissy Training Phonesex ?

Call me now lets play 😉

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