Mp3 Audio Recordings!

Get ready for my Mp3 Audio Recordings!

Mp3 Audio Recordings!Many of you have suggested I create Mp3 Audio Recordings.  I just launched my very first Mp3 Audio Recording today!  This is one of many to be created for your  erotic listening pleasure. I will be creating recordings on many different topics, fantasies, and fetishes.   You are welcome to email me with ideas.

For a more personalized experience I would suggest live calls.  Mp3 Audio Recordings offer you  an erotic experience to enjoy  when we are apart & before we meet for the first time on the phone.   I invite you to take your time & explore what I have to offer.   I want our time together to be meaningful & pleasurable. My Mp3 Audio offerings is just another way to connect with you on a deep seductive passionate level.

My Mp3 Audio Recordings are ready  whenever & wherever you are!

What’s  great about Mp3 Audio Recordings is you purchase & download to your device. You can purchase from the privacy of your home office or car. Anywhere you have internet access you can purchase my recordings Globally.Mp3 Audio Recordings! Enjoy hearing my Recorded Mp3s when your on break, at home, or Traveling.

Once you purchase my recordings they are yours to keep. You can listen to your purchased Mp3’s again and again for your personal pleasure.  This allows me to continue to seduce & entice you before between & after our calls.

My Mp3 Audio Recordings are erotic fantasy recordings for you to enjoy!

Mp3 Audio Recordings will let you experience many different fantasies & fetishes. Allowing you to experience & Experiment with many different types & styles of phone sex.  All in the privacy of your own home or office. You could even enjoy your Mp3 with your wife girlfriend or partner.  Or you might just want to keep me in your ears all for yourself.

Some of my recordings will be short fantasy recordings when you crave  a silent call.  Others may be instructions or even a longer erotic story.  I have many Mp3s in the works & I can’t wait to upload them for your pleasure.

How much do Mp3 Audio Recordings Cost?

My Mp3 Audio Recordings will vary between $10-$20 and be between 5-10 minutes long. I may record longer erotic stories in the future. For the meantime  I would like to start off by offering some short recordings for you to enjoy.  In a variety of subjects and kinks for your enjoyment.

How will my Mp3 Audio Recordings be billed?

Mp3 Audio Recordings will be billed as Webtokens GA just like our live calls together, and the other offerings form my store. If you want to keep your wife, girlfriend from seeing these charges I would suggest using a prepaid gift card. We accept all prepaid gift cards with the American Express, Visa, Discover and Master Card logo. This way you load the card with the money you wish and there is no bill to find. This keeps your purchases discreet and away from the prying eyes of others.

Where can you find and purchase my Mp3 Audio Recordings?

You can find and purchase my Mp3 Audio Recordings right here  and on my personal web page which I will list be low this blog.  Be sure to check back regularly. I plan to be creating and uploading more offerings in the days to come. If you have a fantasy you like to experience feel free to email me and give me ideas. I enjoy hearing from you and I always take positive feedback & ideas into consideration when making recordings.

What if you want a more personalized experience?

If a more personal experience is what you crave be sure to enjoy a live call with me.  I enjoy connecting with all my kinky gentlemen & ladies! I can’t wait to walk that path of erotic pleasure together with you. Taking you on a sensual journey of self discovery.  All of my blogs, recordings, live calls are created with your pleasure in mind.

I love connecting to my sensual callers and offering you a real & meaningful experience you can feel.  In todays world of apps and automation  many of us crave human touch and connection. Sensuality and passion is just as important as food water sleep and air.  It is my honor and pleasure to provide for you a one of a kind erotic experience.

Your desires passions  are important to me. I know your hunger.  I am here to satisfy your thirst  for a meaningful erotic passionate no strings attached connection.  Though our time together will be over the phone. Sometimes we may also connect through email as well as Mp3 Audio Recordings.  With each and every connection we share you will gain confidence & feel fulfilled.

I want you to feel confident in your self discovery.  Feel emboldened  and empowered to enjoy the gift of pleasure.  Your not alone anymore.  You are a passionate desired wanted sexual being.  I look very forward to knowing the amount of pleasure my Mp3 Audio Recordings, live calls & blogs bring to your  life.

Get my Mp3 Audio Recordings  at the link below below..


For a live call… Call me at… 1-888-295-4932.

Email me your  fantasies at:  VICTORIAFORPHONESEX@GMAIL.COM





Slutty Wife Cuckold BBC

Tonight’s the night for Slutty Wife Cuckold BBC

I know you have a Slutty Wife Cuckold BBC fantasy. You want to see your hot wife get fucked by all the horny guys at your work.  You throw a big party & tell your wife its ok to flirt with all the men she likes. She has been begging you to become her loyal cuck. So now is her chance to shine.

You get your coworkers all liquored up for Slutty Wife Cuckold BBC. For entertainment your slutty wife starts to strip. Your friends jokingly put dollar bills in her G-string. Things heat up when she decides to give each of them a lap dance.

 Slutty Wife Cuckold BBC gets you rock hard.

Soon your hot wife is on her back getting fucked by all your coworkers and friends. But there just isn’t enough of your slut wife to go around. That’s where you come in. Care to lend a hand? Your wife could use some help. All these cocks to suck & fuck. You know what to do. Help your hot wife prep and finish all these big black dicks.

Then after everyone’s left lick your horny wife’s thick juicy creampie cunt. Savoring all those hot creamy loads.  Then after you have licked as much cum as you can out of her well fucked cunt fuck her hard. Driving your big dick in and out of your well fucked wife. That juicy sloppy wet cunt will feel so good sliding up and down your cock.

Lets enjoy some Slutty Wife Cuckold BBC phone sex together!


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Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck

Little Dick PhonesexGet ready for a Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck!

During Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck  I will brain wash you to love cock.  Come here & confess your cock craving desires.

I will dress you up in lingerie. Craving  dick more than pussy.  All your thoughts will be occupied with sucking dick. You want to be filled with dick!

My seductive voice penetrates the deepest depths of your mind. Hypnotizing you into being a sissy cock sucking faggot! Soon your ass will pucker. Puckering at the thought of being bent over  & fucked.

Dare to be my Butt slut? Your ass will be completely violated. Soon your ass cherry will be  penetrated. Tight little shit hole totally destroyed.  Forced to take your pain anal ! Crying out like the depraved sissy faggot slave you are!

Bow down to your Dominant mistress! Your a weak inferior man!  Serve me on your hands & knees! Kneel before me & obey.  Beg to be filled and fucked! Used like a dirty depraved pathetic sissy whore. Your empty without cock. Dick is all you live for. All you think about is rock hard throbbing shafts. Long hard fuck meat filling both your holes.

Open wide & submit! Forget free will. You no longer get to choose. I am all you need. Everything I tell you to do you want to do. Your mouth was made for dick. Lick your lips sissy & beg.

Your ass was made for cock. All you want to do is suck dick. You desire only to   serve me. Craving cock 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Every bath house toy shop & glory hole calls your name.  Scrolling on Dating aps begging for hard dick!

Forget fighting Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck !

My Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck makes you weak! Big long hard cocks sliding inStrapon Phone Sex and out of your mouth. On your knees begging for meaty veiny throbbing dick. Moaning like a faggot.  Looking forward to that first bead of precum. Sucking down sperm like a fiend. Jonesing for fat pulsating dick. Salivating for cock. Feeming for dick like a faggot tranny cum dumpster.

You know you want it! I groomed you with my strap-on dick! Now cock is all you can think about. I stretched your ass & mouth wider & wider.  Pegging you day after day! You loved it! My kinky power bottom bitch!

Then I surprised you with your first real cock. At first you thought it was one of my toys.  Until you swallowed a mouth full of cum! Then you felt the unmistakable throbbing of a real dick filling your ass with sperm!

Of course you pushed your ass against those dicks! You love being fucked. That dick probed & pushed hard & deep inside you. Making your sissy clit stand at attention. Squirting in your panties. Making your panties messy. Panties wet with sissy squirts. Moaning as he fucked you. Your an inferior male taking dick like a beta. Deeper & deeper that’s it! Ass to mouth just how you like it!

Submit to your Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck Mistress!

Don’t try to fight my Sissy Faggot Mind Fuck. Get on your knees. Serve in your stockings. Submissive in your pretty pink panties . Mouth open begging to deepthroat hard dick. Taking dicks two at a time. Ass up head down waiting. On  your  hands & knees helpless. Room with wall to wall big fat throbbing cocks. Of course you beg. Crying for dick like the pathetic cum dumpster you are. “Please mistress I want to be fucked!” Of course you do!

When your ready to submit call! 1-888-295-4932.  

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Rough Anal Phone Sex


Rough Anal Phone Sex

Rough Anal Phone Sex starts in the doctors office!

Rough Anal Phone Sex starts in my office! Doctor Victoria has plans for you! You came in for a colonoscopy having no idea what I had in store for you.  My Naughty nurse assists me in your examination.

I enter in my white lab coat and white scrubs.  “Please sit down thank you for coming in for your appointment today”.   You understand you must strip naked and lay on your back.  My nurse rubs your shoulders to keep you calm. I put your legs in stirrups. You brace yourself as I lube up a long skinny anal probe.

Rough Anal Phone Sex  surprises you!

You really thought Rough Anal Phone Sex was going to hurt. When my nurse and I strap your arms and legs down you begin to worry! You wonder what is going to happen to you! Your arms and wrists are strapped down to the hospital bed. Your ankles strapped into the stirrups.

Rough Anal Phone Sex feels good!

When I begin to administer Rough Anal Phone Sex  your shocked! Doctor Victoria opens her lab coat to reveal she has already removed her scrubs. She is completely naked with nothing but a big fat strap on cock.

I explain that my strapon dick is 9 inch long and 4 inches around. First we will start with the anal probe. Then we will proceed to my big fat strapon. There is a sophisticated embedded camera on the end. And at times it may vibrate massaging your prostate.

You no longer know what to expect from Rough Anal Phone Sex!

Rough Anal Phone Sex starts as I lube up your tight little ass with the skinny hand held probe. The probe vibrates, surprisingly you feel aroused. My naughty nurse  comes over to pull your gown above your waist exposing your hard dick.

You feel shy about your erection until my nurse begins to massage your cock.  My nurse has very soft hands. You love watching her young hands work up and down your cock. She is young nurse who gives an amazing hand job. 

Your sister supports you during Rough Anal Phone Sex

During Rough Anal Phone Sex your sister comes in to support you. She is happy to help in any way she can. Dressed in a short mini dress she drops to her knees to help you relax. Sucking your hard dick with abandon.

Soon it’s time to pull out the vibrator. I ease my strap on deep inside you. Priming you for a good pegging. This is indeed the best physical exam ever.  Your helpless as your sister sucks your cock. My nurse pulls her dress up and licks her cunt. I instruct my nurse to take the spare dildo from the drawer and fuck her cunt hard as you watch.

Rough Anal Phone Sex gets hotter!

I call an extra doctor in for Rough Anal Phone Sex. Doctor Ginger accompanies me in your exam. Licking and sucking on your balls and rimming your ass. Keeping you occupied as my strapon delves deeper into your tender fuck hole. You can see the camera’s journey on the screen to the side of you.

There are mirrors on the wall. You can see all the action at every angle even on the ceiling.  Letting you see all of us fucking you together. Your in heaven as your horny sister climbs your lap and mounts you. You’ve wanted to fuck her cunt forever!

Your sister loves Rough Anal Phone Sex too.

Your sister bounces up and down on your lap.  Fucking you hard taking you deep .   Meanwhile Dr Ginger sucks your balls and my naughty nurse sucks your sisters clit. As my probe hits its target I turn the vibration function on. My anal strapon probe is massaging your prostate.

I encourage you to cum in your sister. I need you fully relaxed for the series of photographs I must take for your file. You graciously comply and blow a fat hot load of cum in your sister. Your sister squirts all over your dick as my nurse sucks her clit with abandon. You continue to cum hard in your sister with disbelief as I fuck your ass hard & deep.

Submit to my Rough Anal Phone Sex!

My vibrator massaging right against your prostate.  My strapon ever so deep inside you as you moan and scream. You cum a third time as your sister shakes and quivers as my nurse sucks on her clit like a nipple. Now its time to clean up. My nurse licks all your cum out of your sisters cunt. My Fellow physician  Dirty Doctor Ginger sucks your cock clean.

Don’t forget to return for more Rough Anal Phone Sex!

When head off to the showers to soap up. You do leave my office with a smile on your face. You and your sister have never been closer. No need to thank me.  Serving others is what I do. It’s such a pleasure to be of service to you today. Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget your next appointment *wink. Call me soon at …1-888-295-4932.

Email me your fantasies at: VICTORIAFORPHONESEX@GMAIL.COM



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Stepbrothers First Blowjob

Stepbrothers First Blowjob

Want to hear all about my Stepbrothers First Blowjob? Call me & listen as I tell you all about my dirty deeds. Stroke your cock as we embark on a Incest fantasy together.  You can be my kinky step brother with a rock hard dick. I’m your horny slutty step sister who loves to tease you. Walking around the house in all kinds of slutty out fits. One night when its just the two of us I leave my bedroom door open. I’m topless doing my hair. You walk by and stare with your mouth open.

“Like what you see?” I ask, of course you do. You don’t say much as you venture closer inside.  During my Stepbrothers First Blowjob I flirted and kept staring at the bulge in your pants.  You smirked and pulled out your big cock. I licked my lips and  began to kiss lick & suck your hard dick. Your eyes rolled back as I gave you head. You began running your fingers through my hair as I sucked your big cock!

You began to fondle my tits as I sucked you off during Stepbrothers First Blowjob phone sex. Cumming loudly for me as You shot a big load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed like a good little whore as you orgasmed twitched and throbbed in my mouth. “That was great thanks!” you said. “No problem, what are step sisters for!” I replied. Now you always cum to me for that nice blow job. Whenever our parents are away the two of us always play!

Bring your big dick to me during Stepbrothers First Blowjob. I can’t wait to make you cum hard! Call me soon at …1-888-295-4932.  

Email me your fantasies at: VICTORIAFORPHONESEX@GMAIL.COM



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Home Intruder Fantasy

Home Intruder Fantasy

Home Intruder Fantasy Keeps you on the edge.

During Home Intruder Fantasy I catch you red handed! You thought you were going to steal the money in my safe. You had no idea I was well armed, Well trained and very horny! “Freeze, Hands up!” I order. “Drop the safe and sit down!” Not knowing what to do you of course you comply.

Home Intruder Fantasy will surprise you.

You were told this job would be easy no one prepared you for this. I make you cuff your own hands & force you into my bedroom. Cuffing your cuffs to an iron bed frame.  Forcing your legs apart & tying them to my bed posts after stripping you naked. Home Intruder Fantasy leaves you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

Let your mind wander during Home Intruder Fantasy.

I make you drink water & swallow a pill. You do as instructed as I begin to laugh. I have you at gun point so there is really nothing you can do but obey. As your dick stands straight up I slide a special cock ring on you. This cock rig is rigged with an electrical charge & you swallowed a boat load of Viagra. Oh you sweet fool. Your employer failed to tell you whom you would be stealing from this evening!

The tables turn during Home Intruder Fantasy.

If you try to pull  that cock ring off before I do it will shock the shit out of your dick. I have fun pinching and licking  & biting your nipples as I go through your phone.  I Take pictures of myself sucking & riding your dick And send them to your sexy friend.

Telling her ” your mine now!”. Now that I have wrecked your budding relationship lets get down to business. She texts me angrily & I take a video of my pussy clapping on your dick as I ride you. I text her our dirty movie. I can almost feel the delicious rage, envy & butt hurt feels as she watches me fuck you.

Beg to cum during Home Intruder Fantasy.

I tell you if you can fuck me without begging to cum I’ll let you keep the safe and everything inside. You have no idea what the fuck I am going to do next .  During Home Intruder Fantasy I tease and tempt your cock. Edging you in ways no woman has ever done. This adventure role play makes your toes curl as I tease tempt you. Never knowing what I will do next so hang on for a wild ride. Enjoying every moment of spontaneous mind tingling cock stroking pleasure.

Submit to my Home Intruder Fantasy.

I will do things to your body your wife or girlfriend wishes she knew how to do. Join me on this one of a kind adventure.  As I make you  beg to cum deep inside my tight wet pussy or my puckered pretty pink asshole.  Call me for more Home Intruder Fantasy Phone Sex!  1-888-295-4932.  

Email me your fantasies at: VICTORIAFORPHONESEX@GMAIL.COM



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Homewrecker Phone Sex

Homewrecker Phone Sex

Homewrecker Phone Sex Beckons!

Your Mistress Summons You for Homewrecker Phone Sex. I will make you addicted to me. You will long to please, spoil & worship me in every single way. Seduction starts in the mind. But my eyes tempt and torment your senses.
It pleases me this Thanksgiving knowing I am more perfect than your wife . My exotic erotic voice lulls you to pleasure!

Homewrecker Phone Sex feeds your need!

Whenever you send me a e-gift card to Sephora I smile. You long to spoil me in every single way! I know that is one more gift your not giving your wife this holiday season. Buy a Homewrecker Phone Sex session online! Each purchase brings you closer to that addiction you crave. Of course you sent me the gift card with your wife in the other room. Of course you prepaid for our session online while she brought you a  Holiday drink.  Her intuition tells her she is less important now!

Undoubtedly you purchased our session while she made you dinner. Your wife lives to serve you and you live to serve me! You bought my photos to jerk off to instead of having sex with her. Talking to me is so much better than fucking her in real life! You have been very conflicted because of your feelings for me! Feelings I will never return. I will only use you as you long to be used.
Each time we talk you distance from your wife that much more. No longer does she have that power over you she once did. I have helped you take your power back. Soon she will be begging to do anything just for a second of your time.

Homewrecker Phone Sex commands your attention!

You will cheat on your wife with me during Homewrecker Phone Sex! Of course that pleases me as my goal is to to destroy your marriage! While your Wife is doing her Black Friday Shopping you have other plans! I am busy making myself number one in your life above your wife or girlfriend. Your Mistress beckons to be worshiped your wife long forgotten. Your Goddess intends to brainwash you .My words will hypnotize you into giving up control of your life. Soon you will belong to Goddess Mistress Victoria. I am Perfect in every way! You are less than nothing without me.

During Homewrecker Phone Sex You learn your place. Your Goddess owns your mind, body and soul. Your sole reason for existence is to serve Goddess Mistress Victoria! Serving me in any manner I desire. You need to belong to Goddess Mistress Victoria and Obey me. Mistress will have control and power over you. You are nothing without Mistress. Thank Goddess Mistress for all she provides.

Homewrecker Phone Sex is what you desire!

Being a perfect seductress homewrecker is my personal pleasure. Ruining your marriage/relationship my talent. When Goddess Mistress Victoria has decided that you have earned the privilege of an orgasm one will be granted. Upon permission to orgasm you shall climax into a glass. After your climaxing glass is full you will bring it to your lips. Once your lips purse upon your glass filled with your own cum you shall loudly slurp. Drinking and swallowing your ejaculate into your mouth! Now swallow every drop like a good little cum whore.

I enjoy turning you into a pathetic doormat of a human being. You must understand that Goddess Mistress Victoria is your sole reason for existence. Without Goddess Mistress your life would be meaningless & you would be lost. Enjoy the journey as I slowly take over your mind and body. Its time to call your Mistress! Call me now for more Homewrecker Phone Sex1-888-295-4932.  

Email me your fantasies at: VICTORIAFORPHONESEX@GMAIL.COM



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Don’t forget about my Thanksgiving special you may use it once per day between now Now and Dec 4th 2022. Cannot be combined with any other special. USA/Canada callers whom can receive a call back only.

Holiday Special

Threesome Phone Sex

Threesome Phone Sex

Caught off guard by Threesome Phone Sex!

Your hot wife surprised you with Threesome Phone Sex  .  She said you were getting trained today but you had no idea it would be like this. It wasn’t long before you came home and saw us together.  Imagine your shock when you saw your wife in my lap.  I’m an amazon at 5’11 in heels compared to your 5’2 wife.

You never imagined You would be having Threesome Phone Sex!

We were making out, my hands rubbing all her nice big tits. You came in quite surprised and cleared your throat. “Excuse me, are you the trainer?” you asked.  I smiled and ordered you to strip. “Yes, I am your personal sex trainer!”  Your wife called me to cum train you to learn how to please her!”.  Today we will start with some pussy licking as a warm up.

Learn to obey your  personal Threesome Phone Sex trainer!

Then the real work out will be Threesome Phone Sex training. You looked to your wife very confused.  She motioned for you to do as you were told. Soon you were out of your cloths. Hard dick standing up at attention at being dominated. I told you to get on your hands and knees. Sliding down beside the chair, I pulled your wife’s panties & workout shorts off.

Improve your sex game during Threesome Phone Sex!

After training you how to lick and suck that hot  wet pussy right I showed you how to rub her clit. You never saw your wife squirt before until me.  I rubbed your wife’s hot clit as you licked her hot wet cunt.  You were hungry hot and ready to fuck but not yet. When your wife came I ordered you to lay on the bed. Head on the opposite end waiting for her pussy. Your wife sat on your face. I ordered you to suck her clit  during  Threesome Phone Sex 69.

Cum harder during Threesome Phone Sex!

You watched as I put on a double ended vibrating strap on.  16 inches long, 8 inches going in each her and I.  Both our hot wet cunts getting filled up. I began to penetrate your wife nice and slow. My back arching as I worked my hips from left to right in and out. You couldn’t believe how well I fucked your wife . It wasn’t long before I slid a lip balm sized vibrator up your ass too!  Instructing your wife to suck your hard cock . You and your wife sucked each other off as I fucked her nice and deep. She was cumming so hard her cum was pouring down your face.

Submit to pleasure with Threesome Phone Sex!

Then your wife and I got on our knees and got your dick hard all over again. I laid your hot wife down on her back and got to work eating her cunt. Instructing you to fuck me from behind as she watched. I want your cock balls deep in this hot wet cunt of mine! Telling you both to use me as your orgasm trainer. Face down in your wife’s pussy as you pound my pussy hard. Making both of you cum hard during Threesome Phone Sex!

Call me for more ! 1-888-295-4932. 

P.S. I love couples! Bring your husband or your wife.




Orgasm Control Phone Sex

Submit 2 my Orgasm Control Phone Sex

During Orgasm Control Phone Sex You learn your place.  First I make you get on your knees to worship me. Then I stand you up and put a collar around yourOrgasm Control Phone Sex neck. Placing vibrating nipple clamps on each nipple. You will learn to enjoy pleasure & pain under your Mistress.

Your cock & balls belong to me in fact I keep you in a Chasity cage. When its time to milk you I let you out. Tying up your cock & balls so I can edge you. Until I am ready to milk you. That’s if I even allow you to orgasm. Your dick & nuts are mine. You have zero dominion or control over your cock & balls now.

Like putty in my hands 4 my Orgasm Control Phone Sex!

Forever surrendering  yourself to me. This means total control of your orgasms! As my slave you will only cum when I say so! You are not permitted to jerk off without  permission. Never again will you ever be allowed to fuck your wife. Orgasm Control Phone Sex means I own & control your pleasure.

You may lavish me with attention compliments. Worshipping every inch of my body. Including my perfect ass & cunt. You will devour everything coming out of my perfect shit hole & hot wet pussy.  I will ruin you for all other women. My voice & photos will be the only thing that gets you aroused.  However you will never get to fuck me.

On your knees 4 more Orgasm Control Phone Sex.

You will worship every inch of me from my head to my toes. Washing my hair & brushing it. Massaging scented oil into my silky soft skin. Licking my perky nipples. Eating my pussy & ass sweaty or clean. I will use you as my toilet slave & you will thank me for it. Your hands mouth & tongue will worship my beautiful smooth feet, heels & toes. On your back & on your knees you will worship your Goddess Mistress.

In Orgasm Control Phone Sex you will start by kissing my feet. Then progress to sucking my toes. While giving reverence to my long legs with your lips & tongue. Massaging my feet & legs until you reach my thighs. Kissing between my thighs until you reach my pussy. My pussy you will make love to only with your mouth. Gently licking kissing & sucking upon it slowly.

Draining you dry during Orgasm Control Phone Sex.

Relishing every moment of tenderly making oral love to my sweet cunt.  Nibbling upon my clitoris like its a delicacy because it is. Taking your time to make me cum with only your mouth until I am satisfied. In return I will cum in your face. Cumming squirting into your mouth and onto your face until I am weak in the knees. You will sit there with a hard cock begging for release.

Instead of milking you I will gently pull my ass cheeks apart. You will lick suck eat and pleasure my sensitive shit hole. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your Goddess Mistress. I am everything you have ever wanted and desired in a woman. Your wife girlfriend cannot hold a candle to me. You would rather  jerk off to my voice than fuck them.

A slave 2 your passions 4 Orgasm Control Phone Sex!

Then you will sit underneath my bottomless chair. My padded bottomless chair you must lay beneath.  Your mouth open with a funnel in your mouth.  As you await the golden nectar only my pussy can give. Then you will lick every drop of Golden ambrosia off of my cunt. Licking my love canal clean like its your last meal.

Then after lubing up your ass I will insert a vibrating butt plug inside. Your nipples & ass buzzing as I begin to milk your dick. Your balls twitching as your prostrate & nipples vibrate with pleasure. Putting on my gloves and milking your well lubed cock.

During Orgasm Control Phone Sex you surrender completely. Loosing control as I milk every last drop of your cum. Thick creamy cum pouring into a milking bowl.  Then like a dog you will get on your hands & knees and drink every drop. But first before I allow you the pleasure of Cum eating you will beg. Beg for the privledge to eat your tasty semen.

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