Auntie phone sex

Ready for Auntie phone sex ?

Auntie Phone SexHave you ever had a fantasy about your aunt? Auntie phone sex is one of my favorite phone sex topics. I would be your mature aunt  and you are my nephew. You love to hide in the closet and watch Aunt Victoria getting undressed.

You follow me to the bathroom. Edging your young penis as you watch me bathe. Sneaking back into the closet as you watch me put my sexy lingerie on. Admiring myself in the mirror. Wearing my corset, bra, panties stockings and heels.

Uh oh Auntie Hears you moving around in the closet. Auntie opens the door catching you by surprise. Oh you naughty naughty boy!  Instead of punishing you I let you undress me. Watching how wide your eyes get as you look at my naked body. Only to redress me in your favorite lingerie and heels all over again.

Kinky Auntie phone sex.

After redressing me during Auntie phone sex you climb into bed with me. I let you get on top of me and rest your head on my big boobies. Your young hard dick  poking through your boxers. I tell you its ok to hump aunties stockings. You slide your cock out of your boxers. Rubbing it up and down my  stockings like a good boy.

Your young cock is so hard and chubby. You crawl between my legs and rub your hard young dick against the crotch of my panties. Sucking on my big hard nipples as hump me harder and harder. Your such a good boy darling. Make Aunties panties all wet and messy.

Of course we don’t stop there. I take you into the bath tub with me and soap up your hard young dick.  Your hard incest cock can get hard multiple times a day. You moan and squeal as Auntie jerks you off in the bath tub cumming all over Aunties gorgeous breasts.

Auntie phone sex four some.

But how could I keep you all to myself during Auntie phone sex?  You invite all your friends over to play with me.  You already have me dressed up when there is a knock at the door. Surprising your auntie by bring all of your friends into my bed. Oh my 2 more hard young dicks to play with.

Auntie Victoria just can’t help herself.  Your friends are exploring my body. Licking and sucking upon my ample breasts. Kissing down my tummy as you watch and edge yourself.   Standing in front of me so I can suck on their hard cocks one at a time. Laying Auntie on the bed at their mercy.

Your friends spread my legs and hold me down. Forcing and pushing a hard young dick inside my wet mature pussy.  Fucking me over and over with their virgin dicks. Pushing and probing into my pretty pink pussy. As I look up your other friend is rubbing his cock all over my face. I reach up and suck his cock and balls.

Auntie phone sex creampie.

Both of your friends have their way with me during Auntie phone sex.  Taking turns making love to my hot wet pussy and mouth. Filling my pussy with their sweet virgin cock cream. Making Auntie Victoria’s pussy so wet and creamy for your hot young mouth.

After your friends leave you get between my legs. Spreading my thighs nice and wide. “Your pussy smells like cum” you say. Soon your young tongue is licking every hot wet drum of fuck juice out of my incest cunt. Lapping up all their creamy sperm. Making me cum in your mouth as you latch unto my clit like a nipple.

It’s more than you can take. You long to fuck my hot wet juicy pussy. As you slide into my hot wet cunt  you can still feel their cum deep inside me. My pussy is so juicy after being freshly fucked and sucked. We make out as you lick their cum out of my mouth. Giving me a load of cum of your own.

Strict Auntie phone sex

Of course I can be a mean Auntie during Auntie phone sex! Sometimes youAuntie Phone Sex need a firm hand to keep you in line.  I take you to run daily errands with me. You would make sure to always open my doors for me and carry my bags everywhere we go.

Daily we would go to the mall and other stores for my shopping fix. You are to always stick by my side and not wander away. When we get to the parking lot, you are to load all of my bags into my car and not give me any back talk. You love looking at my long legs. I make conservative look so sexy.

I always talk to you in a strict tone, so that you know I mean business during Auntie phone sex. When you misbehave, I will make you drop your pants and crawl over my lap in the back of my Lincoln town car. It doesn’t matter that your way to old to be spanked!

Auntie phone sex goes old school.

I am quite old school during Auntie phone sex.  I know the power I have over you. Your dick begins peeking out of your underwear and your cock rubs against my legs. I chastise you for allowing your dick to get hard as I begin to spank you.

You enjoy spanking phone sex and moan out in enjoyment as I spank you harder until you cry. I gloat on how sore your ass must be and you agree. You have always had a humiliation phone sex fantasy. I tell you when we get to the house how you were going to get ice cream and play video games. Of course you have been too disobedient, so I am just going to take you straight home.

We get home and you get ready for round two of your spanking. I get my purse strap and belt out and tell you to go to my room and assume the position. I instruct you to take off your boxers as I lash at your ass with my purse strap. You yell out and tell me not to stop. I begin spanking you harder as your dick stiffens and your nipples perk up.

Auntie phone sex spankings.

I begin telling you how my mother use to spank me during Auntie phone sex. with her purse strap and my step father spanked me with his belt. I came from a very strict family. Even after I graduated high school the spankings continued. You sit down on my bed with your severely red ass in pain.

I was a bad girl in high school. After I graduated I lived at home and had a period of rebellion. I continue to tell you about how after my step father would spank me, he would make me give him a blowjob and fuck him. Spankings turned my step father on and was considered foreplay for him.

The way his belt would lash out at my ass, made his dick jump. I loved getting fucked by my step daddy after a good spanking. He would pin me up against the wall and pump my hot wet pussy hard. He made sure that my cunt was throbbing just like my ass was.

Incest Auntie phone sex.

My mother would peek during Incest Phone Sex in every time my naughty step daddy and I had our alone time. She would look disappointed. She was mad because he didn’t fuck her the way he fucked me.  After we were done, I would clean his dick off with my tongue and go to bed.

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Humiliation phone sex

Are you ready for Humiliation phone sex?

Do you have a Humiliation phone sex fantasy? A small dick fetish? Get hot

Little Dick Humiliation
Little Dick Humiliation

creeping up on hot unsuspecting cheerleaders?  In this Fantasy role play I am the perfect hot slut you lust for so badly.

You know your never going to get to fuck us during Humiliation phone sex. Hotties like us don’t fuck little dick loser’s like you.

  It’s laughable you think you even have a chance. Your dick is so small.  My girlfriend and I would need a microscope and tweezers to see it.

Are you a Humiliation phone sex pervert?

You are a  pervy Janitor at the the high school I attended. Having all kinds of Humiliation phone sexHumiliation phone sex fantasies staring all my gorgeous friends.

Constantly watching us undress and grabbing your junk. Rubbing your tiny shrimp dick. In your panties you wear under your uniform.

We had an idea someone was jerking off to us. But every time we ran to look you were gone. Having no idea you were the shrimp dick pervert peeping on us.  The more you leered and gooned at us the closer you got to getting caught.

You were hot for Cheerleader phone sex

In high school I was the head cheerleader in charge of Humiliation phone sex. I always had the best times with my other cheerleader friends.

Making sure after graduation we always kept in touch. It was a gloomy evening. All of my old cheerleader friends came over to my new house. Excited for a sexy sleepover.

We all wore our satin lingerie and heels. Dancing  around the house. Laughing as  we reminisced.

Over our old days in high school. My best friend Amy was known as the cheerleader phone sex slut back in the day.  You probably thought you could get on the action too.

Little dick losers get Humiliation Phone Sex

Humiliation-phone-sex-blogI remember when we fucked the entire football team over a bet we lost. Those were the good old days.

As we began to pop open our third bottle of wine we heard something in the bushes. I looked outside to see what it was, and nothing was there.

My other friend Stacy decided to shake the wine bottle before she opened it, resulting in the wine spilling all over our clothes. Our clothes were covered in white wine.

We had to get out of them right away. While we took off our clothes, I heard a noise again in the bushes. Someone was obviously watching us. You, my neighbor and my old high school janitor. Watching and playing with yourself like a pervert.

You got caught during Little Dick Humiliation phone sex

I almost missed your Humiliation phone sex peeping.  Too turned on, looking at Stacy’s sweet bare ass to see what the noise outside was.

I slid my finger into Stacy’s pussy just as I heard the noise again.  As I opened up the blinds, I saw “J” . “J” my perverted next door neighbor and old high School Janitor.

He was always creeping up on my friends and I.  Since I moved into my new house…I’ve heard him lurking.

I’ve caught him looking at other ladies around the neighborhood too. When I saw him looking at me and my naked friends, I  had to make him pay.

I’ll make you pay during Humiliation phone sex!

 Humiliation-phone-sex-roleplay“Look what we’ve got here ladies a Humiliation phone sex loser . J  my naughty next door neighbor & old janitor” I said.

Our pervy janitor is leering at us.  Spying on all our fun jerking it in his pants. Stacy and Amy looked him up and down, examining every inch of him.

With our perfect perky titties and  hot wet juicy pussies out, we grabbed J  in by the collar and pushed him onto the floor. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” “J” stuttered. “You didn’t mean to what “J”? Jerk off while looking at the hot girls next door?

You got busted during Humiliation phone sex

You know what? Take off your clothes looser” I said. As he pulled off his pants, he exposed the smallest cock I have ever seen. We all busted out laughing.

“What did you think you were going to do with that little thing?” Amy asked. I walked over to the stereo and turned on some music. Swing that little thing around for us “J”” I laughed.

J began dancing and stroking his tiny pathetic cock with his hand. We got out our pom poms and cheered him on. Still naked, J kept looking at us as his cock. His micro penis got harder. We chanted “You’ll never get any of this tight pussy with that small little thing!”

You deserve Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

 Humiliation-phone-sex-sissyHe began to beg so helplessly, that we decided to pull him into the bedroom for more small cock humiliation phone sex. We jumped on the bed and cheered for him. Laughing at him as he stroked his little pathetic tiny cock.

Faster and faster jerking his micro penis to our hot naked bodies. When he finally came, it was the shortest little squirt I had ever seen! He shot all his looser lop into his hand. What a fucking bitch.

Pegging you in your panties during Humiliation phone sex!

Now we dress up J when ever he comes over. Making him wear panties and dress up like a girl.

We shove toys up his ass and fuck him like a faggot. His teeny weeny petite man meat is our entertainment. The fact he thinks he had a chance is beyond pathetic.

No matter how hard J tries he can never make our pussies cum. We could never feel that tiny thing. No friction would be had. Even if we let him fuck our belly buttons there would be room to spare.

Call me for Humiliation phone sex!

Humiliation-phone-sex-looserGot a little tiny teeny weeny pathetic dick you want me to cheer on while we enjoy Humiliation phone sex together? Ready to get laughed at and roasted with no mercy ?

Want me to laugh at your woefully inadequate dick? Got toys you want to fuck your ass with for me? Like dressing up in panties like a girl? Ready to be cut down to size?

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Domination Phone Sex

 Domination Phone Sex begins.

Domination Phone Sex  has brainwashed you. Influenced you to behave as I desire. You subconsciously begin to rub your sensitive nipples. Trickles of pleasure flow through your body. Your pinch them until it hurts. Thinking of our last session. Savoring how I dominated you to perfection.

Obey your Mistress

Like a kiss from a lover you feel the remnants of pain ever present. Your nipples still sore from the daily clothes pins application. Mistress enjoys controlling you. Making you do things you have always long to do. I have required you to put cloths pins on your nipples for months now.

 Mistress has you where she wants you.

You need to feel pain for me in order to feel whole.  Pinching your nipplesDomination Phone Sex hard as you gasp. Your cock begins to stiffen as the pain rushes through your body. Thoughts inevitably gravitate towards your Mistress.   I make you feel exposed and vulnerable. All you can think about is me.

Explore your desires.

I challenge your comfort zone. Taking great joy in exploiting your weaknesses.  Helping you to explore your kinks and innermost desires.  Bringing excitement to your dull boring life.  You serve me unconditionally. Completely addicted to your Mistress.

Domination Phone Sex fulfills you.

Your life is consumed with worshipping and adoring me. Thoughts ever filled with fantasies of how I will use you.   You need me & some of you even love me. No one compares to me.  Not your girlfriend or your boring wife could ever hold a candle to me.

Domination Phone Sex excites you.

Your life revolves around your Domination Phone Sex  Mistress. The only time you truly feel happy and alive is during our calls.  Sex in real life feels very basic to you. How could you possibly ever go back to the vanilla after me. You crawl on your hands & knees to the phone. Hoping I will pick up and allow you the privledge of my attentions.
Domination Phone Sex brings you pleasure.
Your terrified of losing your Domination Phone Sex  mistress. Other women you have called don’t compare. Even the women you see in real life bore you. I give your life purpose pleasure and excitement.  At work you sneak peeks at my pictures. Reading my blog during break. Parking a few blocks from the house so you can call me.
You need your  Mistress.
Edging yourself between  Domination Phone Sex  calls. Building up the anticipation until the next time we get to play. Excitedly waiting for my indicator light to show my availability.  You could jerk off without me but you have no desire to. Touching yourself without the sound of my voice feels hollow.  You long to feel compliant and obedient  and vulnerable once again.
Submissive for me .
Longing for the purr of my Domination Phone Sex . My voice in your ear. Dominating your every desire. Telling you what to do. Loosing the fight  to maintain even a shred of control over your own  urges. Helpless to my  influence. My dirty submissive fuck puppet.  Your cock seemingly controlled by the sound of my voice.
 Phone Sex can be anything you want.
Porn cannot do for you what my Domination Phone Sex can. The women in your life pale in comparison to me. You race to find a quiet place to call me after work. Your finally free to call me dote on me and spend money on me.  Longing to devote every moment you can afford on the phone with me. The women in your life don’t know you as I do.
Call your Mistress now!
Not a soul on this earth has any idea the filthy Domination Phone Sex secrets you share with me.  With me your completely free. Free to share your perversions, fantasies, desires and dreams.  I never judge you. We both know what you want. Some of you long to be seductively dominated. Others want to be emasculated and abused.
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SPH Phone Sex

Little Dick Phonesex

What is SPH Phone Sex?

SPH Phone Sex is Small Penis Humiliation. Some men are very ashamed of their tiny petite  man meat. But others are aroused by their little dicks. The fact they suffer from micro penis only makes them hornier.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone sex is so kinky. When women show disgust at your little dick  its so hot. The way they put you down and humiliate you. The names they call you. The way they point laugh and stare at you! Roasting the source of shame between your legs.

Do you find yourself rubbing one out in your pants? I mean your dicks so small would anyone even notice? Some men have to wear baggy sweats but not you. There is plenty of room in your pants to spare isn’t there?  Aw there there looser.  It’s ok to admit your ego is deflated and reduced to the size of your tiny flaccid pinky sized prick!

Looking for SPH Phone Sex?

SPH Phone Sex can be anything you want and more! I would love to learn more about you. How did you come to enjoy Small Penis Humiliation? When was the first time you realized you had a little dick?

Were you outed as having ” a little one” snickers.  It was so traumatizing but exciting wasn’t it? Your little tiny cock got so much attention. Everyone in class, hell the school was talking about your micro dick.

Was it someone at home  who told you? Did mommy marvel at the small size of your cock? Doctor have to muffle laughter threatening to erupt? Did big brother expose your little dick  to your friends?

Or was it a girlfriend perhaps who told everyone you knew! But you know the truth! Any time you drop your pants women give you that look. You know the laughter is coming at any moment.

Sometimes little dicks get lucky though!

Sometimes little dick losers get lucky. You get the token “hand job” on a date. When your really lucky a super nice girl will take pity on you. Jerking you off in the car or in bed. Right before making a lame excuse to end the evening early.

But you know the truth. You know  its all because of your little pathetic dick! Thats why losers’ like you can’t get enough pussy! Don’t let your tiny little pathetic cock get you down!

Darling thats my job! I was born to reinforce reality into your brain. Rip the rose colored glasses from your face. Dispel all the gentle lies mommy told you. That size doesn’t matter. Of course it does you know that and so does every hot blooded woman on this earth!


I will give you the full SPH Phone Sex experience!

I want us to truly enjoy your SPH Phone sex together. Tell me everything. How your fantasy came to be. What turns you on! Be sure to share your limits and boundaries. I’m all about making you feel good. Tailoring your phone sex experience to your desires.

You can dress up! Combine fantasies and roleplays including all your dirty kinks.  Bring our toys  to the party. Need help finding toys email me. I can give you lots of ideas.

We can discuss toy choices during your phone call together as well. I love show offs! Be sure to send me lots of pictures of your little dick. Selfies of you in panties. Pictures about your hoard of new toys! And pictures of you using them too!


Does SPH Phone Sex Excite you?

Find yourself craving SPH Phone Sex? Love knowing you will never measure Little Dick Looserup to bigger dicks? Turned on that your cock is so much smaller in comparison.  Longing for a mean mistress to make you feel very small. Telling you its too tiny to be a cock at all.

Finding yourself edging your man clit in women’s panties? It’s ok if you cross dress. I know panties feel so good. Humiliation is only half the fun. Does that tiny widdle cock dictate your life?

The excitement of getting exposed filling your fantasies. You’ll never measure up let that sink in! Your arousal in realization of this fact permeates your existence! Don’t bother trying to hide how much having a Small cock excites you.



Need a SPH Phone Sex Mistress to put you in your place?

Fantasizing about a SPH Phone Sex Mistress who mocks you? Telling you how pathetic your little shrimp dick is! That your micro penis will never makeLittle dick bitch her cum! I will make you feel small! Until you believe you don’t even possess a dick at all!

Don’t let the internet lie to you. Telling you your cock is small but perfect *snickers.  Size always matters! You can’t make her cum if there is no friction. How can you hit the g-spot if you can’t reach it? Aww what’s wrong looser? Are you too short for this ride?


What kind of SPH Phone Sex are you looking for?

SPH Phone Sex can come in all shapes and sizes. Looking for soft SPH? Where I gently mock you on your size. Telling you all about how the bigger dicks impress me.

Jerking off to my stories of Fucking bigger cocks without you? Or perhaps you want a very mean mistress? Someone who savagely demeans your manhood?

Long to be mocked, patronized and shamed for your inferior member? Be aware if you ask for this I will give it to you. If you tell me to be cruel I’m positively savage!


Maybe SPH Phone Sex therapy is what you need.

Or perhaps your looking for a little phone sex therapy? Long to confess to an understanding mistress ? Does your little dick make you feel vulnerable? You can trust me. Anything you tell me is our secret. Unless you don’t want it to be a secret.

Some of you long to be exposed.  Humiliated publicly for your tiny penis. Are you an exhibitionist?

Looking for public humiliation? So that your fellow men(and curious women) can laugh at you.

Imagine all the readers who will see your micro penis posted. The endless laughter across the internet that follows. But thats what you want isn’t it? Some of you fantasize and fap to the fucking idea of being outed!

Meet my favorite SPH looser Mr. J!

SPH Phone SexI have such a sub Mr. J.   Mr. J loves when I expose and humiliate his tiny pathetic cock. His looser penis has show cased in many of my blog and social media posts. He is practically a celerity with my friends and I.  J’s microscopic shrimp dick  elicits many a laugh on my blog.

Just look at his pathetic cock in the photos here. His looser penis is so small. J’s cock could never make me orgasm. Just a sorry excuse for a  set of cock and balls. I love referring to his dick as a clit.  As its woefully inadequate to bring any woman pleasure.

Be sure to bring your toys!

He even bought some new toys for his ass. Since his dick can’t possibly fuckSPH roleplay anyone to orgasm. He will fuck his man pussy for my pleasure *snickers.  I can’t wait to see the pictures and videos he sends me. Sometimes I humiliate him while one of his girlfriends watches on cam.

Other times  he has a girlfriend fuck his man pussy while I’m on speaker degrading him.  While cheering her on of course. You go girl! Bend J over and fuck him like the looser shrimp dick cuck he is! He gets off to the both of us ridiculing his miniscule man hood.


Bring a friend or partner for double the fun!

Small Dick HumiliationHumiliating Mr. J is so much fun! After making him shave from the neck down I dress him up. Then his gf pegs him like a sissy faggot looser.  Deep in his man pussy with the toy of his choice.

Of course I degrade him in every single way. I mean just like at his shrimp dick! I need a magnify glass and a set of tweezers to find and play with it. There is no universe where his size will get any woman excited. The only thing his cock elicits is peels of laughter.

Mr. J.s Girlfriend plays with his little dick and pegs him as I egg her on. Pounding his man pussy harder and harder. His looser dick twitching with excitement at every stroke. As she gives him a reach around while fucking him with his vibrating butt plug.

Want to be one of my SPH Sub missives too?

What a looser! It is my mission to cut him down to size! Hearing him on his hands and knees getting fucked like a bitch. Fully accepting his looser lot inSPH Phone Sex Mistress life! Getting his man cunt spread wide for toys. And his tiny…er ego *snickers getting shattered in the process.

Cumming until he cries and his looser load spent. Shooting his looser goo all in his sissy fagot panties. Just like a looser shrimp dick cuck should. Bent over on all fours. Getting his man pussy reamed with a toy, or pegged with a strapon.

Do you always long for this? Have a spouse or partner who would love to peg you while I encourage them ? Ridiculing your shrimp dick in the process! Bring them! I love couples.  Don’t be shy share your kink with someone special. I’m a  team player for your pleasure. We can all play together *wink!


Call me for more SPH Phone Sex!

Call your SPH Phone Sex mistress Victoria  here 1-888-295-4932 ! Have a  twisted Little dick fantasy? Want to run it by your mistress first? Or maybe you have a few questions you long to ask me? Email your cock humiliation mistress here VICTORIAFORPHONESEX@GMAIL.COM . 

Whatever your SPH role play fantasy.  You can confide your deepest darkest secrets to me. I will indulge and keep in confidence every single one unless you beg me to publicly expose you.  Trust and know of course you will pay dearly for the privledge *Snickers.

Be sure to go to my main website here … HTTP://WWW.VICTORIAFORPHONESEX.COM

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Hot Phone Sex Specials

Hot Phone Sex Specials

Hot Phone Sex Specials

Treat yourself to my Hot Phone Sex SpecialsHot Phone Sex Specials are good any day of the week. Be sure to look over all my  Phone Sex Specials often.  Call me for  Phone Sex Specials so we can enjoy them together.

My Hot Phone Sex Specials are…

50 minutes @ $90  &  100 minutes @$180 

That is a considerable savings you can enjoy when we play. Two specials per gentleman please. No time to play right now? Money burning a hole in your pocket no problem! Purchase specials ahead of time for later use. They are valid for one calendar year from purchase.


How to get my Hot Phone Sex Specials!

 Your must be 18+ to enjoy my Hot Phone Sex Specials. All calls are discreetly billed to your credit/debit or pre paid card over the phone. Your welcome to purchase these specials online. Just select the dollar amount of $90 or $180. In notes add  coupon code “Phone sex specials”.


Hot Phone Sex Specials 2


Request which Hot Phone Sex Special you desire.

Don’t forget to give me the name of the Hot phone sex special of your choice when you call. I love giving you something extra special. I am here for your fantasies!

You can also email me  Share your fantasy with me before you call.  Ask me questions about my  Phone Sex Specials.   Feel free to email me at  with any questions you might have.


Rules for Enjoying my Phone Sex Specials!

2 specials per gentlemen. My Hot Phone Sex Specials can be spread over several calls or used in one call.  Cannot be combined with any existing specials. For a limited time only., Special  minutes are only to be used with me. Special package purchases are non refundable.


Terms and conditions for enjoy my  Specials on phone sex!

All time purchased must be used in 12 months of purchase. Must be used in increments of 5 minutes or more. Special packages are for callers within the USA and Canada only who can receive a call back from a private or blocked number.


Call me now!

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Flashing Phone Sex

Ready for Flashing Phone Sex?

Flashing Phone SexDo you have a Flashing Phone Sex Fantasy? One you would love to do in real life? Kinky fantasy that you want to experience with me? Phone sex is a safe place to experience all your fantasies no matter how dirty and taboo. Share all your fantasies with me.

Do you park  at the mall For your kinky fun and stroke your big hard cock  for all the curious college girls? Maybe you open the door so they can get a closer look. They giggle and offer to help you stroke it.


I can help you have Flashing Phone Sex .

You can’t believe these hot girls are helping you  cum hard.  Opening your coat as you edge yourself & jerk it. Anyone might catch you. Out there in the parking lot as all these hot girls help you jerk off.

Or do you stand in your living room for Flashing Phone Sex. Looking at your neighbors in front of your window. Smiling at them as you jerking off.  Everyone out side stops to watch you stroke your big fat dick. In shock and awe as you cum hard all over your wife’s face.


Be a total pervert during Flashing Phone Sex .

Maybe you are at a water park and get so turned on.  You start to jerk off in your swim trunks. Maybe a curious swimmer comes in for a closer look . A swimmer watches  you jerk off. Flashing her tits at you while you jerk off like a dirty pervert.

Have you ever been a boss and interviewed someone you wanted to fuck? Maybe you tell your interviewee to close her eyes and tell you why she deserves the job. While she closes her eyes you jerk your cock nice and slow under the desk.  Looking at her cleavage and sexy lips.


Gather a crowd for Flashing Phone Sex.

Perhaps you are a soccer coach &  jerk off in the locker room in the shower. A few of the team mates get curious and watch. You jerk off on their faces as they drop to their knees to help you.  what a thrill to jerk off on their eager faggot faces. All those hot soccer guys on their knees for your dick.


Put on a show during Flashing Phone Sex .

Do you have that one nosey neighbor ? Always in your business snooping? Who doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone? That older woman who is always in your business? Tonight you give them a show. You sit in your back yard and slowly stroke your cock.


Flashing Phone Sex will make you cum hard!

Jerking off  for  hot neighbor sluts. Waiting for them to cum into your back yard uninvited. They are disgusted and shocked but can’t look away. They watch in silence as you stroke your dick to completion.  Watching as every drop of cum shoots out of your dick.

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Erotic Phone Sex Fun

Erotic Phone Sex Fun

Erotic Phone Sex Fun is for horny stepsons !

Erotic Phone Sex Fun starts with you volunteering to be your stepmoms sperm donor. Your Step mom & father want to have a baby. Your dads balls had to be removed for health reasons. Of course you stepped up to the plate. Volunteering to be their sperm donor.

Who better than to give sperm than you! Your young virgin dick is ripe for the taking. With healthy viable sperm to impregnate your step mom. She is half your fathers age. Desiring to be pregnant, which your father can’t possibly give her.

Erotic Phone Sex Fun is what you really want!

During Erotic Phone Sex Fun you get tired of beating off in a cup. Dads out on a business trip this weekend. You come over knowing he won’t be around. Offering to submit your sample you request your step mom wait for you in her room.  Soon she will be submissively begging for your cock!

However you have zero intention on jerking off in a cup again. This time your going to impregnate your stepmother yourself. Shooting your seed deep in her naked bare cunt! You know she will protest at first but she’ll give in. Dad doesn’t fuck her anymore. She has to be sexually frustrated.

Erotic Phone Sex Fun fulfills all your dirty desires!

You surprise your stepmother with Erotic Phone Sex Fun! Telling her your tired of jerking off in a cup. Planning to do things the good old fashioned way from now on! She tries to tell you no but you seduce her into saying yes. Holding her down on the bed until she submits to your hard young dick.

You hold her down and kiss up & down her neck.  She tries to say no but you kiss her nipples through her blouse. Rubbing her pussy through her panties. Reaching right under her skirt. Finding her sweet spot through her panties until she squirms. No’s become moans soon enough. Your stepmom’s panties are fucking soaked! Of course she wants your young hard cock!


Erotic Phone Sex Fun makes your stepmoms cunt wet!

Its been so long since your mom had Erotic Phone Sex Fun! Her cunt is salivating as she looks at your hard young dick. Your cock is bigger than dads ever was. Pulling out all the stops you hold her down & seduce her. Making her wet with your fingers & mouth. Making her beg for your hard young dick!

You rub your dick all over her face. She tries to say no but you make her open her mouth. Forcing her to suck your hard cock. That hard dick of yours is so much bigger than daddies. Making her deepthroat it while you finger fuck her. Rubbing your wet hard cock all over her face. Watching her salivate over your huge young dick.

Erotic Phone Sex Fun makes  your stepmother beg!

You get on your knees and lick her neglected pussy. She cums hard on your face. Begging for your dick inside her. You slide your young virgin cock in step mommy’s cunt. Sliding in and out nice and slow.  Your step mother starts to moan begging for your seed. ” Mommy wants your baby batter!”

You fuck your stepmother nice & deep. Making her cum all over your cock.  Filling her to the brim with your young cum! Of course you both agree its your little secret! Your dad doesn’t have to know that your fucking his wife. He can’t satisfy her anyway! He doesn’t even have any balls!


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Homewrecker Phone Sex

Homewrecker Phone Sex Compels you!

In Homewrecker Phone Sex, I’ll slowly, deliberately and relentlessly seduce you.  Brainwashing you into blindly obeying me! Leading you down the rabbit hole of total submission. Forging a path of handing complete ownership of everything to me.
Teasing your brain & denying your cock is what I do best.  Leaving you relentlessly lusting for my cunt!  Thinking  of nothing more than my pretty pink pussy.  Your wife’s body looses its appeal. All you can think of is spreading my pussy lips apart.

Homewrecker Phone Sex will tease your brain & deny your cock!

Don’t deny how often you dream of sliding into my pink inviting folds.  Peeling back my labia like a present. Savoring my clitoris like a precious gem! Anticipating those two moist pussy  lips gripping your cock. If only you could just  suck yourself into my silky smooth cunt .
Of all the girls out here you could call I am the one you lust for. All the women in real life no longer hold any appeal. All the women look the same. Endless Copies of copies. Now I have you right where I want you.

I alone bewitch you into Homewrecker Phone Sex

Guiding you down this path of obedience, decadence and disloyalty was always my plan. To  lead you to where we both know you forever long to be.  My helpless property .  Every dollar you earn & have into my bank account. Because I give you more than she ever did!
When you saw I offered tributes you began to graciously tip me. Sending me e-gift cards without being asked.  Going as far to bestow upon me crypto coin payments . Every day is Christmas for me because you have become my Santa clause, my sugar daddy & my slave.

I know the real Homewrecker Phone Sex slaves from the rest!

I often have men who ask me how to rinse their wallet. When they ask I know they are not serious. Real men who desire their wallet rinsed and worship me do so without asking. They do not ask me how .  I am already waking up to e-gift cards, credit/debit card tributes and crypto tips in my inbox. That’s how I know your serious!
Real findom/homewrecker slaves know their place. Understanding they are  nothing more than a piece of property. Property owned by your Goddess Victoria. They don’t need to ask me where & how. Already having scoured my website like the bible. They can quote what I offer better than I can.  Practically having my site memorized because they are dedicated and it shows.

Are you a real Findom/Homewrecker Phone Sex Slave?

Are you truly dedicated to me? I know which slaves are without question the most obedient. Because my email & bank account  show me the proof. And those very generous slaves always get rewarded with free pictures  &  written erotica.  As well as daily call backs  so they can worship me during their lunch break.

Maybe the erotica is in the form of a blog I know they will love. Other times its sent to directly to their email. They know by being loyal & generous they will always be rewarded.  Sometimes I make them beg to be rewarded other times I surprise them. But unlike their wives I never make promises I don’t intend to keep.


You will beg me to control you during Homewrecker Phone Sex.

Mistress Victoria is always fair. Serving me definitely has its benefits. As it earns you all that extra attention you so long for & crave. However my time & attention isn’t free. My favor is valuable & sought after.  My most loyal slaves, callers, and followers know this.

You will beg me for control during Homewrecker Phone Sex.  Oh, I’ll do it so smoothly. You won’t even know you’re giving up the reins.  At first, I’ll convince you to call me at least once a month. So I can slowly get my hooks into you. Confessing all  your erotic fantasies & sexual deviances to me.
Homewrecker Phone Sex  will leave you addicted!
You will open up to me like you do at confession. On your knees ready to receive your salvation. You’ll admit how you really feel about your wife. How you wish she could be more like me. Then how you wish she was me. Then you won’t desire her anymore.
Homewrecker Phone Sex will teach you how to better manage your time. So you can spend time with me.  I’ll tell you how important it is to lie to your wife.  Bend you to my will. Taking more & more of your time away from her.
Homewrecker Phone Sex shows you what you really want!
You will learn to take from her & give to me. But what does she really do for you but cook & clean? After all you provide her a home and security. What does she really give you? Does she appreciate all your hard labor? Worshipping you like the man you are? Of course not, She treats you like a simpleton.
Calls with me are much more exciting than time with her in real life. I know how men prefer to be treated.  Of course I ‘ll lead you on to get what I want. You know this, loving the thrill of the chase. Telling me  how much it excites you. How that you’d rather spend time with me than her.
Seducing you during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Of course, I’ll encourage you to spend more time & money on me. “Why waste your time with her when I’m so much better” I’ll innocently coo. “Why don’t we make this a regular thing?” I’ll add.  Soon you are begging me to enslave you. Until I completely control your life. All of your time & money is mine.
Starting slowly as I seduce you. Like the serpent in the garden I will tempt you. Wanting to please me you will comply. Sweet & innocently making suggestions you will cater to.  Desperately striving to fulfill my every whim. Craving my attentions and approval.
My Homewrecker Phone Sex will take over your life!
Some men become confused. Becoming delusional in thinking I am going to meet them. No no, I am not here to to become your real life wife or Girlfriend.  I am so much more than a wife or girlfriend will ever be. My ethereal charm is much to rare for that.   Why would I want to lower myself to such a simple role?
 No longer will you crave the attention of other women. Choosing of your own accord not to interact with females unless required for work. Replacing your wife’s photo with my own. Because why would you want to look at her all day when you can see me a true Goddess in female form? After all your not going to work for her are you? Of course not.
Homewrecker Phone Sex frees you!
The relationship you have with your wife is one of convenience.  More like platonic room mates. No longer romantically entangled.  Rotating around each other for survival in separate orbits.  Anything she does for you is part of a domestic arrangement. She is the help in exchange for domestic bliss. I on the other hand are the love of your life.  But this is not a romance but a welcome needed distraction.
I provide a  distraction from your boring cookie cutter life. The life your so desperately sick of.  Worshipping me will pull you out of this stale mental trap you are stuck in. The endless rat race that has you so tired.  90% of your entire life is in your mind. Other forces are at work to keep you stuck in a stale prison.
I of course am here to free you from your cage.  Providing for you a new one to play in. But this golden gilded cage is one you willingly walk into. Because everything you desire is within it.    Seducing you by confessing how wet it makes me that your so very loyal generous and obedient.
On your knees for Homewrecker Phone Sex!
How happy I am you sat at your desk.  Having lunch alone gooning over my pictures. Being loyally obedient as a true slave would.  You can’t agree fast enough. Sending me pictures of proof. I’ll no longer ask you but order you to start calling me weekly.  Expecting  monthly Sephora orders of course.
At this point you’ll be so brainwashed; you’ll have no choice but to obey.
Your voice  betraying how you’ve fallen  in love with me. Encouraging me to begin the process of separating you from your wife.  First, I‘ll  brainwash you with mantra’s. Verbally re-affirming repeatedly how much you love & desire me.
I will be the apple of your eye during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Programing you to put me on a pedestal as you forget your wife.  Soon you will stop  doing anything for your wife. No more dates or meals out. All gifts of devotion stopped. Even the obligatory holiday & birthday gifts will cease. Your anniversary will come and go as just another day.
Of course my birthday & anniversary will fill all your waking moments. Stressing over how much you should send to me in tribute. Agonizing over how much of an e-gift card to Sephora or Ulta is acceptable. Spending all your hard-earned money on me – you’re Goddess Victoria.
Of course you want to please me during  Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Money for family vacations & weekend getaways spent on me instead. Why reward bad behavior? How long have you suffered through a wife or girlfriend who bores you? She never does anything you want. Her voice is grating, and she is not aging like a fine wine.  The only thing she brings to your life is expectations & rules. Rules you no longer want to follow.
My Homewrecker Phone Sex fulfills you!
I liberate men from bad boring stale marriages. You have wasted half your life catering . People pleasing for the sake of status quo…stop it! You have a hierarchy of needs that deserves to be filled. The woman you are married to is not the same woman you married. Stop bending over backwards for someone who puts you last.
If your wife truly completed you would you be calling me for Homewrecker Phone Sex? If she really fulfilled all your needs you wouldn’t be calling for phone sex. Porn would not be in your phone. Your wife would be the only woman you would want to see naked. That would require you to be married to me *Snickers! However mistress is far too  perfect for just one man to enjoy.
Homewrecker Phone Sex is so much better than your wife!
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself gladly obeying me.  Volunteering to give your wife away to please me.   Pleasing me is the center focus of your core existence.   Already you have  quit having sex with her . No longer showing her any kind of affection at all.
Choosing to move into your guest bedroom. Everything in your life reserved for me.  A seductive perfect but ruthless, conniving, soul draining homewrecker. Convincing you how much happier you’ll be once she’s gone!  Truly you will be, I’m freeing you of a stale miserable existence.
Serving me is everything!
The only reason why you work so hard is because your supporting a parasite. A parasite other wise known as your wife. Whom barely scratches the service on fulfilling your needs. How much simpler your wife would be if she went away. Think of how much freer you would be if you divorced your wife. She maintains you like a pet. Think on that for a moment…. Food, Bed, house, play time, exercise. See the similarity?
Serving me as your full-time 24/7 long distance Phone Sex Mistress is far better than being married to her.  Wouldn’t you prefer to enjoy  daily phone calls  versus daily bickering? Weekly cock milking instead of nagging? Of course I will expect  tributes that you will graciously provide.  You will never  meet me in person. I am far to amazing to be tied  to one man.  I am a magical ethereal beauty that is rare. One man cannot hope to posses me unto just himself.
You want to be owned during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Your Phone mistress is a celestial force of sexuality. Serving me is your true destiny. Other women wish they were me.   You will gladly summit wealth attention and help upon me. Just to taste the treasure of my time. Hear my voice smooth as silk & sweet like honey. Masturbating to my perfect photos & voice.
You want and need to be my property.  Obeying my instructions to pay tribute to me daily. Depending on me to instruct you how to live your life. Growing dependent upon my wisdom & instruction. I will control every aspect of your life. You will beg for me to tell you what to do. No longer needing to make decisions. That is what I am for!
It’s time to enjoy your new life!
 Your marriage has been dead for some time. Find your self clinging to the remnants like a battered rug? Feeling your self esteem frayed at the edges. How long are you going to entertain that scenario?  Remember how happy you were before marriage? You could do whatever you wanted. More time for yourself. You never needed a commitment to be complete.
Jerking off to me is far better than enduring sex with your boring old wife.  My voice balm to your soul. Helping me is far more exciting. Knowing your helping me attain more wealth, success and happiness. After all I am an Alpha female a true Goddess.  She is…just basic yet some how tricked you into this arrangement your in.
Take your power back during Homewrecker Phone Sex.
During Homewrecker Phone Sex I’ll give you tasks to complete. Expecting a complete report on their completion.  Each task more humiliating and emasculating than the last. Or perhaps the tasks I give you are erotic and exciting instead.
I know what you want and understand your needs so very well. For those whom desire humiliation you will be pleased. Ordering you to document your tasks by photo and  video. Looking forward to receiving the visual proof you obeyed.
shall I have you call me from an adult sex store? Instructing you to give your phone to the youngest cutest salesclerk? Of course I will, giving her  a laundry list of things I want you to buy yourself. Isn’t it time to buy your self things? See what mistress provides you?
Give your devotion to me during Homewrecker Phone Sex!
Things such things as butt plugs, dildos, panties, stockings, pantyhose, cock rings, cock cages etc. for you to purchase.  Or I’ll have you call me from an adult sex shop. An adult book store with glory holes. Ordering you to film yourself giving blowjobs to random cocks.
Demanding you send  me the evidence.  Leading you on a hunt for other such  exciting perverted tasks.  Once I feel you have nothing left in your life but me I will pounce.  Asking you to prove your devotion. Seductively asking you to prove your unconditional love.
Suggesting you prove your undying devotion to me.  I know you will say, “anything you want Mistress,” and you do.  So, I’ll say I want you to finally divorce your wife. End it once and for all.
Enjoy the journey!
Once you have finally ended  marriage. Ending your slavery to empty promises of domestic bliss. Severing your ties to an empty institution that only seeks to to appease society.  That ensnares you into a draconian ritual that only pleases your boring wife.
I will demand you begin to enjoy embarking on a new path. A path of wanton debauchery & hedonism. But only at MY BEHEST! Asking you to  shave your body from your waist down. Requesting you  send me proof by pictures.  Then I’ll tell you to lock your cock in a cock cage.
Only opening your cage upon my instruction.  Some of my slaves have mailed me their keys. Calling me to celebrate their divorce being finalized & bestowing me as the owner of their man hood.
Prove your Homewrecker Phone Sex loyalty!
I keep your divorce decrees like trophies.  Proof of my superiority over other women .  Soon requesting an email of your complete financial records. So I may have a copy of your remaining net worth in my hands. Once I receive the keys, I’ll know you’ll follow through.  Own the cock and the mind follows.
Soon I’ll receive your divorce decree and financial records.  You will willingly make regular tribute payments to me out of devotion. Of course I will reward you with lots of attention. All the attention your wife promised you but you never received.
Your my Homewrecker Phone Sex Trophy!
Don’t worry I’ll make sure you always have  just enough money to survive.  Water and noodles or beans and rice might become your daily diet, but you’ll live.  Finding yourself the owner of 3 properties down to a small efficiency. Renting those properties out  was a far sounder investment.
Aren’t you glad you obeyed me? See, Mistress helped you gain regular income! Versus just property debt. Wouldn’t you rather those properties be earning something. Versus just sitting there accumulating taxes & debt?  At least now you have more money to spend on me now!
Mistress is always on your side!
Your wife would have never been smart enough to suggest that. Because that would have allowed you to work less hours. She never wanted you at home. Making you slave 60-80 hours a week was her plan all along. Marriage in my opinion is a scam!
Keeping you supporting her life style & being out of the house. Pushing you into an early grave so she can collect the fruits of your labor. She gets to live this lush life of low stress and joy. Meanwhile your day is monotonous, stressful and boring! How is that fair?
Wouldn’t you rather worship a smart mistress who has your best interests at heart? Who wants you to work smarter not harder. Who desires you to have a healthy well rested body?  Wouldn’t I seek to help you make your money work for you?
Versus you working harder for money just to accumulate possessions you don’t use? Possessions that cause debt & become a form of slavery themselves. See I’m freeing you from all of that.  If your going to be a slave wouldn’t you prefer a slavery that fulfills you?
Worshiping Mistress is everything you want!
Just think slave, all of your walls will be covered with different size posters of me. You’ll make daily devotional calls to me. Begging me to tell you about all the men & women I bed.  Stroking your cock when I allow you too. After proving to me how dedicated you are to my happiness.
Of course our Homewrecker Phone Sex calls are far more satisfying then sex with your wife ever was.  Soon worshiping me will be far more exciting than orgasming from your dick. I will no longer allow you to orgasm in that way. Causing your cock to naturally shrink.  Encouraging you to fuck your own ass instead.
Homewrecker Phone Sex is far more satisfying than real sex!
Soon you will find you get far more pleasure from massaging your prostate. Your dick was a tool women used against you for control.  I have graciously freed you from your cock prison. Once a year I will instruct you  to buy another size smaller of your cock cage.  Until your insignificant dick can fit into the one-inch size.
Homewrecker Phone Sex liberates you!
You’ll sacrifice everything for Homewrecker Phone Sex.  I will set you free of everything that holds you down. Making you free to be able to worship me daily. Are you willing and ready of your own free will ? Ready to follow Mistress Victoria down this path of degradation, humiliation and marital ruin?

You can receive the salvation of freedom!  Being on your knees is humbling. Only through humility can we truly learn gratitude. It’s time to prove your love and devotion to me.   I will make you a better freer man! Call me now for

Homewrecker Phone Sex ! 1-888-295-4932.  

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Serious slaves and generous gentlemen may send me a Sephora e-gift card at : 

Please use my personal email  I accept e-gift cards at this email address.

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Under The Desk Guest

You Woke Up To An Under The Desk Guest

You fell asleep at work during Under The Desk Guest. Woken up to your horny secretary who just started sucking your cock. She knows you might fire her but she doesn’t care.

You think your dreaming when you see her under your desk naked rubbing her cunt and sucking your cock nice and slow. Not knowing whether to call security and fire her or just enjoy it. Of course you just enjoy it.


Horny Secretary Is Your Under The Desk Guest

Wifey NEVER sucked cock like this 21 year old can.  Your eyes roll back in your head as she does everything right.  Horny Secretary confesses to you how badly she needs this job. She has all these student loans and she will do anything to get ahead…including give you head.

Your  Under The Desk Guest sucks your cock like never before! She sucks slips licks kisses and coaxes every drop of cum out of your cock.  Of course she is now promoted to your personal assistant. This way the two of you can spend more time together at work (and on business trips).


Submit to your Under The Desk Guest!

Call me for this Under The Desk Guest fantasy role play! I can’t wait to be your Naughty Secretary!  Let me be the dirty Slut, who coaxes and sucks every last drop of cum out of your cock! Call me now! 1-888-295-4932.  

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Serious slaves and generous gentlemen may send me a Sephora e-gift card at : 

Please use my personal email  I accept e-gift cards at this email address.

Long to spoil me? Spoil me or buy our time online here:

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