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Hungry for Creampie Phone Sex? I have a special place in my heart forCreampie Phone Sex Submissive Cuckolds who love to serve me. The way you hang on my every word. Hold my dirty panties in reverence as you inhale my sweet scent. Closing your eyes as you inhale deeply. Dreaming of what it must be like to dine on my sweet juices.

Creampie Phone Sex begins with you!

You could be my escort and chauffeur. Drive me to the finest clubs in town. Clubs filled with the sexiest people. Attend to my every need. Help me get ready for the evening’s festivities.  We hunt for a big cocked stud. A stud to fulfill my Creampie Phone Sex cunt.

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After I find my well hung stallion we bring him home to play. You watch on the sidelines. So eager to play your part. Unable to jerk off until he leaves. Trapped in your Chasity cage . Unable to play with your shrimp dick. When stud boy departs you finally get released. Your cock free from your cuck cage. That little shrimp dick gets hard instantly. Anticipating me to sitting on your face.

Lap up every drop of my Creampie Phone Sex pussy!

I sit on your face like its my throne. Spreading my sweet pink lips for your tongue. Eagerly you begin to lick my cunt. Study boys cum fills your mouth. You eat my creampie while jerking off. Hearing me tell you how good his cock felt inside me.

Creampie Phone SexImagine your Humiliation eating my cum filled cunt. First you had to watch me get fucked by a big black dick.  All the while with your cock in a chasity cage. Now your dick is free but you can’t fuck me. Being limited to jerking off while you eat my cum filled pussy. Your orgasm delayed until I get to come again.

Like a true Cuckold you fulfill my every need before during and after. You understand your place as a Cuckold Slave. After you serve me by eating my creampie you get a reward. Your reward is milking your own shrimp dick. While hearing how good his big dick fucked me. 

You know you could never satisfy my sexual desires. Your dick simply isn’t big enough. I crave more cock than you can provide & possess.  Sniffing my dirty panties pacifies you until next time.  When you get to beat off while cleaning my cunt with your mouth.


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Take a ride in my Hot Kinky Phone Sex Seduction!

Seducing me with your Kinky Phone Sex. It’s so hot in this elevator, You keep stealing glances at me and looking at my body. You touch and kiss me deep. I look over and see that you are getting hard, and I just want to stroke that man meat. On my knees in front of you sucking and stroking that big fat dick.

Feed Me

Slide that thick fuck stick all over my face. My pouty lips gently teasing your cock. Sexy pink tongue lingering all over your mushroom head. Looking deep into your eyes as I take you down balls deep. Let me taste that pre cum as you face fuck me. Paint your fuck juice on my lips like lipstick.

Take Me

Push me against the wall and lift up my skirt. Your hands feeling me down there. Ripping off my panties! Forcing your eager fingers deep inside my honey pot. Fingers probing deep inside. In and out until your hand is dripping wet! I need you to drive that dick deep inside me and fuck me hard. Your strong hands bending me over the bed. Spreading my pussy lips as you slowly enter me. Teasing my tight little shit hole with your thumb. Longing to pop my tightest hole. Make me dirty during Kinky Phone Sex daddy.

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Holiday JOI Phonesex

I find it extremely erotic to watch someone stroke themselves while I give them instructions from across the room. Holiday JOI Phonesex is one of those things that can make a hard cock explode in just a few minutes. Imagine my sensual voice telling you exactly how to hold your cock and how fast you should stroke it. I’ll listen to your voice as it becomes higher notifying me that you’re almost ready to cum. What a sexy way to spend your Christmas Holiday *Wink.

I suddenly slow down and tell you to stop what you’re doing so you don’t cum just yet. I want to savor the moment and allow us to both enjoy what’s happening at this point in time. I squeeze my hard perky nipples and suck on them while you await more masturbation instruction phonesex. You want to cum so bad that you can almost taste it. You’ve been holding out on exploding for the past few weeks since you were out of town on business. You weren’t able to call me while you were away, but now that you’re back you want me all to yourself.

You lean back when you finally hear me tell you to jerk your cock harder. I want you to explode big long strings of thick juicy cum. No more waiting to see that hot lava show. I want to see you finally nut all over my big perky tits! My hot phone sex voice makes you bust giving you instant relief . You haven’t felt that good in weeks and now you want more. You deserve to do something nice for yourself! You need more nut busting  Holiday JOI phonesex  fun with Victoria. Treat yourself this Christmas season and spoil yourself.

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Saturday Night Phonesex

My horny lover M loves Saturday Night Phonesex. We often bet against one another when it comes to Which one of us can be kinkier. Typically We start off with a game of Truth or dare. He has to worship my pussy , Or I suck his cock for as long as he can stand it! Last weekend  We spent most of the night in a slow 69! I know he loves to be edged. I knew exactly what I had to do. I made sure that before he came over I had on some silky red lingerie with my six inch stiletto heels on. I was going to make this a Saturday Night Phonesex  night to remember.

I heard a faint knock on my door and opened it only to see M licking his lips at me while admiring my outfit of choice. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom where the fun began. I stripped off his clothes and began planting sweet kisses on his biceps. He had a very nice build which made horny phone sex that much tastier. Noticing that his tongue was begging for my nipple, I placed it in his mouth and closed my eyes while my juices began to flow. I was ready to cum just from breast play.

I then placed his cock in my mouth and went up and down on it like I was bobbing for apples. His cock was marvelous and I intended on making him bust in my mouth. He started moaning out my name and before I knew it, he busted in my mouth! His warm cum trickled down my throat as I swallowed it all. This was definetly a Saturday Night Phonesex night to remember!

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Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex

Pantyhose fetish phonesex

My Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex lover R usually does some jerking before he calls. I love to tease him with a naughty email before we play. Sometimes he will jerk and edge for an hour before he connects with me. M is a pantyhose pervert. He loves it when I wear  sexy pantyhose and tall heels  while we’re on the phone.

Are you a Kinky Phone sex Pervert too? Well I would love it if you wore some pantyhose for me while we play. And maybe some tall heels too? Experimentation is so hot. We can do all kinds of naughty things on the phone. go ahead and slide on some sexy silky panties too.
Are you also a lover of tease and denial ? I would love to edge you  then you call me back after you have teased your self for a while.  You only get to cum when I tell you to.  Your orgasm belongs to me! No matter how much you beg You will be patient during Orgasm control phone sex.

Orgasm denial Can be quite addictive. I love commanding you to “Jerk that dick”. Want to Milk it for me honey? I will keep you on the edge when I say “No cummies tonight baby” . But I want you to “Jerk it for me in your pantyhose”. Do my pantyhose make you want to cum? How bad do you want to cum sweetie? I want to be your sweet Sensual cock teasing mistress. Call me when your ready for kinky erotic phone sex fun!

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Secret phone sex


Tell me your Secret phone sex confession.

In my experience everyone has a Secret phone sex desireWhen you hear the name Victoria Verone, what do you think of? Do you think of a sensual mistress who demands your attention and rewards you with her lips being wrapped around your cock?

You will become addicted instantly to me.

Or do you dream about my wet pussy being locked around your man stick begging for each drop of your cum? Whatever scenario has brought you to my phone sex abode, make sure that when you enter, you’re here to stay.

Cum explore the mind and sensuality of a true phone sex goddess.

For me, there’s nothing like a curious man who doesn’t know exactly what to do with his cock. He’s experienced almost every woman on this planet but is still unfulfilled when it comes to sex.

You will want to serve me.

This curious man still wants to reach his sexual peak, but lacks when it comes to finding someone who can do this very thing. I like to make all of my men fall to their knees with amazement when they call me.

I will mesmerize & tantalize your senses.

My voice and sensual phone sex imagination puts them in a trance they just can’t seem to escape. I know it sounds almost unbelievable, but there are many unexplained things in the world of erotic phone sex.

Lets go on a phone sex adventure!

Before you call me, try to figure out what phone sex fantasy you really want to explore. I am skilled in many things including some of the unknown. What is the unknown when it comes to Fetish phone sex? Take my hand, lets find out together!

I love the forbidden & the taboo.

It includes many unspoken fetishes that some don’t even wish to mention. Sometimes when you mention certain things it brings them to life and makes us all face a reality we’re not ready to deal with. Are you ready to become part of my Secret phone sex society?

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Tickle fetish

 tickle-fetishTickle, Tickle, Tickle my phone sex fancy!

I’ve always had a Tickle fetish. I love it when one of my  special phone lover’s calls me and tickles me. He ties my hands behind my head and blind folds me with a black silky blindfold so I can’t see his next move. Using a feather and his fingers, he tickles me all over until I cum and pee .

I love kinky Tickle fetish phonesex fun!

First he uses the feather on my chin and proceeds to my luscious breasts and then tummy. He holds me up a bit during Tickle fetish phonesex and then starts tickling my thighs and feet in Tickle fetish phonesex. As he tickles me, he licks my pussy or slowly slides his cock in and out.

Sensual Tickle Torture never felt so good.

I can’t help but want to cum right away, but hold it in until he’s done exploring every inch of my body with his tongue and cock. The pleasure is so intense between the joy of being tickled and the pleasure he arouses within me as he licks and fucks my hot sweet pussy. At times I almost have to cum and pee at the same time. He licks up every drop of my sweet warm wetness

Turned on by a tickle…

He loves when I cum and give him a golden shower at the exact same time. He even begs for me to squirt in his mouth as he tickles my asshole in erotic phone sex. Giving me exactly what I need after a long day, I tickle his cock with my tongue and give him the pleasure he’s been looking for in Tickle fetish phone sex. The urge for me to cum with him rises as we both explode.

Do you have a Tickle fetish too? Are you in the mood for a bit of Tickle torture? Let me fulfill even your darkest dirtiest tickling fantasy. Call me now!

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Panty lover Black mail


Panty lover Black Mail phone sex took me by surprise.

I never intended to commit  Panty lover Black mail role play phone sex, but I just couldn’t help myself. My naughty shy best friend loves secretly taking my panties and wearing them around the house. I noticed a few weeks ago that my panties kept mysteriously disappearing.

My suspicion’s led me to catch my friend in the act of panty play phone sex.

I had a suspicion my friend was enjoying panty play phone sex in secret. My silk thongs would always disappear after he left my house. So I planted a camera near my panty drawer and caught him red handed in the act. I told him I would tell his girlfriend that he loves panty lover phone sex, but he begged me not to tell.

I made him model in my panties for my pleasure!

So what did I do? I blackmailed him and made him do all kinds of dirty acts in my sexy panties. I make sure he models my silky panties at least once a week and I tempt him with my wet cunt right in front of him as he walks around in my panties. I can always see his little hard dick perking up through my undies and he begs to jerk off in front of me.

Then he jerked off to my hot wet cunt!

I just laugh in his face and make him get down on his hands and knees in blackmail phone sex. I take his cock out of my panties and watch as he jerks off to my sweet pussy. Once he’s good and hard and on the verge of cumming, I make him put his cock back into my panties and cum in them. I can’t help but  laugh at him as he sits in cum filled panties.

He is forever my Kinky Panty slut now!

He will always be my naughty little panty wearing slut until the end of time, because of his dirty little secret. Do you have a dirty little secret too? Find yourself digging in women’s dirty hampers searching for a silky treat? Do you seek out your wife’s panties? Maybe your mothers thongs? Or do you have a sexy sister or roommate you love to borrow from? Call me with all your naughty secrets!

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Olympic phonesex

Olympic phonesex

Ready for my Olympic phonesex?

It’s almost that time of year where men go crazy for their favorite Olympic teams. That also means that it’s almost time for me to go crazy all over your cock in Olympic phonesex. I am Team USA and I love to spoil my phone lovers world wide.

I just love games don’t you?

I always find this time of year very special. My phone sex boyfriends gather around and watch the Olympic games, while I serve them mind blowing phonesex that they enjoy all night long.

I love it when we push the limits together!

There’s no limit to how freaky and twisted my mind can get. Every year I come up with new Olympic phonesex games for the event. Sometimes me and my friends bet on the different teams and whoever wins, gets to fuck me for as many times as the winning team scored.

Team USA

Wanna score?

Or other times I’ll have my phone sex lovers call me for taboo phone sex and I’ll jump in their lap the entire time their watching the Olympic games. They’re usually too hard to focus on the game, so I get to devour every inch of their throbbing hardness while they try to focus on the tv.

You always win with me!

It’s very exciting to see a horny man focus on two things at once, especially when one of them has nothing to do with sex. I can’t wait to give out hot oral phone sex after the games.

This will be a summer you will never forget!

That’s always my favorite part of the game. This year I have a lot of fun activities planned out for Olympic phonesex like mutual masturbation phonesex olympics . I love finding out which one of us can compete to have the most orgasms. Think you can make my hot wet pussy cum? Give me a call to make this year one that you’ll remember!

No matter what  Olympic phonesex team you are on we can have fun that never stops! What happens during Rio 2016 stays and I will never tell. I will keep all your dirty little secrets! Take a break from the Olympic games and Call me for all you fetishes and fantasies. Be sure to ask me about and enjoy one of my Olympic phonesex specials below….

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Naughty neighbor roleplay

Naughty neighbor roleplay

I love being bad during Naughty neighbor roleplay!

My horny married neighbors are some of the funniest men around. They love Naughty neighbor roleplay phonesex because they can’t get any pussy from their uptight wives.

Teasing horny men during Naughty neighbor roleplay really gets me wet!

So every time I go outside and flaunt my luscious body around, they instantly get hooked. I go outside with the shortest shorts and smallest tops for a reason. I love tease and denial phone sex and making men crave me more and more.

Naughty neighbor roleplay makes the guys I date so jealous.

My boyfriend hates it when I go outside for this vary reason. I just can’t help myself though. When my boyfriend went away on a guys trip last weekend, I had a lot of fun.

I love playing hard to get.

I pretended that I was outside watering my flowers when in fact I was just being the ultimate Phonesex tease! I made traffic stop on my street and jaws drop. I barely went outside with anything on and that just drove the men even more crazy.

I gave my neighbor a show….

My neighbor Bill came outside just in time to see a naughty phone sex show. I grabbed my breasts in my bikini top and started rubbing them before I bent down and spanked my exposed ass cheeks.

Luring men into my Naughty neighbor roleplay is so easy…

Bill didn’t know what to do. I knew he wasn’t going to take the bait though because it was too risky with his wife right in the house. He would just have to watch and wait.

I know you want it!

Maybe one day he would get a wiff of my tasty phone sex treats. Call me today and become my naughty phone sex neighbor! I Can’t wait to enjoy a Naughty neighbor roleplay with you.

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