Panty lover Black mail


Panty lover Black Mail phone sex took me by surprise.

I never intended to commit  Panty lover Black mail role play phone sex, but I just couldn’t help myself. My naughty shy best friend loves secretly taking my panties and wearing them around the house. I noticed a few weeks ago that my panties kept mysteriously disappearing.

My suspicion’s led me to catch my friend in the act of panty play phone sex.

I had a suspicion my friend was enjoying panty play phone sex in secret. My silk thongs would always disappear after he left my house. So I planted a camera near my panty drawer and caught him red handed in the act. I told him I would tell his girlfriend that he loves panty lover phone sex, but he begged me not to tell.

I made him model in my panties for my pleasure!

So what did I do? I blackmailed him and made him do all kinds of dirty acts in my sexy panties. I make sure he models my silky panties at least once a week and I tempt him with my wet cunt right in front of him as he walks around in my panties. I can always see his little hard dick perking up through my undies and he begs to jerk off in front of me.

Then he jerked off to my hot wet cunt!

I just laugh in his face and make him get down on his hands and knees in blackmail phone sex. I take his cock out of my panties and watch as he jerks off to my sweet pussy. Once he’s good and hard and on the verge of cumming, I make him put his cock back into my panties and cum in them. I can’t help but  laugh at him as he sits in cum filled panties.

He is forever my Kinky Panty slut now!

He will always be my naughty little panty wearing slut until the end of time, because of his dirty little secret. Do you have a dirty little secret too? Find yourself digging in women’s dirty hampers searching for a silky treat? Do you seek out your wife’s panties? Maybe your mothers thongs? Or do you have a sexy sister or roommate you love to borrow from? Call me with all your naughty secrets!

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