Seductive 69 Phonesex

Seductive 69 Phonesex starts out with your soft  lips  press on mine.  I melt under your  warm eager strong hands .  Strong hands rubbing my  soft supple perky breasts , as your sexy lips and teeth graze my neck. Seductive 69 PhonesexYour wet tongue running circles down to my clavicle and between my cleavage.  Your mouth licking sucking and biting my erect hard pink nipples as you slowly lay me on my back. You kiss down  my stomach to my trembling cunt. My pussy eagerly awaiting your tongue.  Your burning hot kisses between my thighs.

Gently you part my pussy lips with your fingers. Sliding two fingers in and out of my hot wet cunt.   Sucking on my hot wet eager clit as your fingers slide in and out of my hot wet pussy.  Rimming my ass as your lubed up fingers dart in and out. Getting my ass nice and relaxed for what comes next.  My ass crack tingling at the touch of your tongue licking and probing and rimming me. You lick my pink puckered butt hole that’s aching . Sucking my clit  throbbing as you rub it with your fingers.

I climb on top of you slowly teasing your mouth with my pussy lips. My  pink pussy on top of your face where your tongue and a surprise is eagerly awaiting. My mouth Slowly giving you a seductive blow job.

I am a seductive Erotic Mistress who longs to give you an out of this world phone sex experience. Call me when your ready for Seductive 69 Phonesex.

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Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex

Pantyhose fetish phonesex

My Pantyhose Fetish Phonesex lover R usually does some jerking before he calls. I love to tease him with a naughty email before we play. Sometimes he will jerk and edge for an hour before he connects with me. M is a pantyhose pervert. He loves it when I wear  sexy pantyhose and tall heels  while we’re on the phone.

Are you a Kinky Phone sex Pervert too? Well I would love it if you wore some pantyhose for me while we play. And maybe some tall heels too? Experimentation is so hot. We can do all kinds of naughty things on the phone. go ahead and slide on some sexy silky panties too.
Are you also a lover of tease and denial ? I would love to edge you  then you call me back after you have teased your self for a while.  You only get to cum when I tell you to.  Your orgasm belongs to me! No matter how much you beg You will be patient during Orgasm control phone sex.

Orgasm denial Can be quite addictive. I love commanding you to “Jerk that dick”. Want to Milk it for me honey? I will keep you on the edge when I say “No cummies tonight baby” . But I want you to “Jerk it for me in your pantyhose”. Do my pantyhose make you want to cum? How bad do you want to cum sweetie? I want to be your sweet Sensual cock teasing mistress. Call me when your ready for kinky erotic phone sex fun!

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