Marking you with my Golden Showers

I just love giving Golden Showers to my pathetic subbies. I know how you hunger for my delicious sweet goodness. Go ahead and make a seal with your mouth on my perfect cunt! Drink every drop you hungry slut! Then lick every drop that ran down my leg and slid down the crack of my ass. Put your tongue deep into my tight little shit hole. Be sure to clean me up real good. On your knees and know your place!

It is such a power rush to stand over a groveling slave like you! Cover you from head to toe with my Pretty Girl Pee Pee.  You know how female animals make their territory with their urine?  Well that’s what I do with my slaves.  And that is exactly what I am going to do to you! I will mark you as mine.

Once I take you out into my backyard and cover you with my Superior Golden Shower, you no longer belong to your girlfriend or your wife.  You belong to me.  And me alone.  It gives me such a delicious tingly feeling to stand over you, reach under my short mini-skirt, pull my thong to the side and direct my stream of piss across your face and open mouth, down your torso and all over your cock and balls.

I own you! You live for any humiliation phone sex I want to bestow upon you. Look at you trembling *Snickers. Begging to be my toilet bitch. Beg for it like the pussy addict you are. It is a high honor to receive my Golden Shower. You can’t wait for me to ride your face while I piss in your mouth. My fluids running down your chest. Leaving you a complete mess. Then riding your dick and marking your cock to! My cum and pee all over you, so dirty and wet.

It is a most humbling experience to submit to your Mistress Victoria in this way. Marking you with my Golden Showers Phone Sex is a one of a kind experience.  Are you deserving of my Golden Shower? Long for my creamy cum? Are you sure?  Are you ready to belong to me? I will mark you and own you!  Call me 888.295.4932

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Dirty Phone Sex fun

I had the hottest phone sex experience.

My pussy is still wet and aching for more. One of my favorite phone lovers made me cum so good! I love the way he takes charge and makes me cum over and over.

He took control of my orgasm!

“I want you to tell me you’re coming”. “I want you to say my name”. “I want you to come all over my dick,” he says to me, low in my ear during hot & Dirty phone sex. We are on his sticky green couch, naked, in the middle of the day, and I am riding him hard and fast. There’s football on the TV, and my black lacy thong is lying crumpled on the coffee table where it landed when he yanked it down my legs.

I couldn’t control myself!

I pull him closer to me, shoving my hands in his hair and grinding my clit slow against him. His eyes close and he tips his head back with sheer bliss. I am breathing very hard as I rock myself back and forth, back and forth, waiting for that delicious sensation to rise stronger and stronger inside me. He bends his head to lick my nipples, which are as pink and hard as they’ve ever been. Let me Fulfill all your fantasies! Call me for hot and kinky phone sex now!

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Seductive Phone sex

I love a man who takes his time. One who kisses me nice and slow. Desire slowly blossoming like a desert flower. As each petal opens and stretches ecstasy slowly builds.

Looking for someone to explore your slow seductive side with? I am not here to judge you. You can share your deepest darkest secrets with me. Seductive Phone sex isn’t just about a bit of role play that leads to an orgasm.  It allows you to connect to someone on a deep sensual sexual level. Experience  fantasies you can’t share with anyone else. 

Do you long to be edged? Teased over and over again. I love prolonging pleasure, as the ending is so much more intense. Your hard swollen member begging for release.  My lips curving around the head of your cock. My tongue flicking down your base. My lips and tongue rimming the crack of your ass.

I want to kiss your balls and caress them in my soft hand. Slide you deep into my mouth and make you feel like a man.  Drive you crazy, then stop.  You watch with hunger as I put on a show. Your pre-cum honey drips for me, You long to be let in.

Shhh. Just watch as I tease you. My hips thrust to passions symphony. Watching you watching me.  I want you to ache with desire before we become one. Your need to fill me is overwhelming now.

When I kiss you , my lips dance softly on yours. I can feel the hunger between each kiss. Your hands get rougher so I tie them up. Your mouth reaches for mine. I pull away just enough to be in your reach. My tight wet pussy sliding against your  dick. No not yet

I take an ice cube in my mouth and kiss your neck slow. Your nipples perk as the ice melts in my mouth. I bite you softly, rubbing just your mushroom head against my  slick tight warmth.

Tenderness, then Tease and denial. I know you would ravish me if I set you free. I think I will keep you on the edge.

Your tongue slides in my mouth, like you wish your cock was. I suck on your tongue as I dance on your body with my fingertips.  Your back arches as I kiss down your chest, your stomach and between your thighs.

My lips kissing you places no one has ever been. Your legs thrashing as my tongue teases you. You want your hands free. I enjoy the power I am having over you.  Then I set you free . I love the intensity in your gaze. I love the way you throw me down and make me pay. Grinding yourself with a thirst that’s seen no water in days.I want you to cry, I want you to scream my name.

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50 Shades Phonesex

50 Shades Phonesex

Are you ready for a 50 Shades Phonesex adventure?

I know you seek a fine erotic Mistress such as myself to make you do the unimaginable and give you 50 Shades Phonesex. You’ve had a hard time finding the right seductive Mistress that’s perfect for you. It seems as if you called all around but have yet to find your perfect kinky match until you called me of course.

You can’t wait to begin 50 Shades Phonesex and hope that it’s all you’ve imagined.

I bring you down to my elaborate phone sex dungeon and tie you up to a chair. Your hands and feet are bound and only I require one more thing for you to be completely satisfied. I tightly blindfold your eyes, making sure you don’t see what I’m about to do.

Your blood is boiling and your hands start twitching as you anticipate what’s next. For all you know, I might leave you there and bdsm phone sex will be out of the picture. You think I’ve abandoned you until you smell my vanilla scented perfume. Being just a few inches from you, you sense me near. I squat my tight ass in your face and begin going up and down on your mouth as you worship me in face sitting phone sex.

You’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad before this very moment, but you understand that all you’ll get is a quick wiff of my pussy pie. I whip your chest as I squat on your face deeper while you’re still bound to the chair. I ride your tongue and feed you everything that comes out of my sweet goddess cunt! After about an hour of feeding you, I walk away, leaving you there in complete shock. You want more but must wait until we play again.

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Confession phone sex

The one thing I love about Berlin, is that it’s known for pleasure, passion, and sin. I often dream of having group phone sex in the red light district of Berlin. Everyone in this section of town knows how to fulfill their deepest darkest fantasies and have no problem letting others know  exactly how to please them. There’s this mysterious dark club in a seedy part of town. It doesn’t even look like a club, but more like an abandoned building.

As soon as I walked up to the club to open the large red  door, my ears perked up to the sound of lustful moans. I immediately enter and see large plush beds everywhere that are surrounded by sheer curtains and couples having group phone sex. I watch the couples’ body movements as they please every inch of their lovers bodies and fill their mouths up with their love juice. I walk around the entire club with a iced cosmo that the sexy bartender who was wearing nothing but a silk tie gave me. The erotic moans emanating througout the elegant smokey room, as enchanting music plays makes the walls vibrate, sends vibrations through my body making  my already moist pussy begin to twitch. I walked into a dark back room that was covered in rose petals. When I turned to the right all I could see was three men and women enjoying anything goes phone sex, in a tub filled with milk. I quickly found my hand inside my panties massaging my swollen clit as I watched their bodies move and slide into each other. Their bodies fit like a lock and key. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this perfect scene of pleasure passion and sin. Our eyes met as I watched them satiate themselves in each others pleasure. I felt my pulse quicken, my hot wet vagina throb as I orgasmed with them in this dark room of sensual lust and forbidden desires. Imagine my surprise when you sit at my feet and lick my sugary sweet honey pot. Do you like the taste of my sex? I cum again on your throbbing dick as you pin me against the wall. Your man meat claims my pussy as our confession phone sex session came to an end. Of course, Our adventure doesn’t end as you slide your cock moistened with our juices upon my lips. I know you will be back for more. My body awaits your next call. I cannot wait to fulfill all your desires.

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