Sultry Seduction fantasy


Are you ready to experience your Secret Sultry Seduction fantasy? Some of you may crave romance, intrigue & of course seduction phone sex. When you call I always miss you.  Imagine the thrill of calling your phone sex mistress who is always happy to make up for lost time.

We can enjoy all kinds of fantasy role plays. I would love to be that sultry enchantress in a hot red dress come to seduce your senses. I saunter into the entry of the hotel bar. The moment you see me I take your breath away.

Or maybe I am that naughty but nice wife. I indulge all your kinky phone sex fantasies. Naughty neighbor tickle your fancy? Of course I can be that horny cuckold wife who entertains lots of big cock while your away.

Do you get to watch? Well that all depends on my mood. Maybe I let you fluff my lovers as you jerk off. Or maybe I make you listen at the door with your cock in a cage. Does your naughty neighbor undress with her windows open? Will your kinky wife entertain your threesome phone sex? Call me and find out where our fantasy phone sex takes us.

Maybe I am that sexy stranger? Do you have an escort fantasy? When we make our way to your room a bottle of iced champagne awaits. Our mind wanders to the chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream .

Unwrap me like a present. Remove each layer of clothing from my naked body slowly. We kiss for hours, the ice from the champagne fuels our kisses. Tease me as I tease you. Our bodies react in erotic ways. So many kinky delightful ways to enjoy those strawberries and whipped cream *wink. A bubbling hot tub to sooth whatever may ache?

Care to take my hand and join me lover? Sultry Seduction fantasy phone sex can be everything you desire and more!

CALL ME: VICTORIA: 1-888-295-4932

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