Foot Fetish Lover

Are you a Foot Fetish Lover?

Slinking toward the bedroom I see you laying down in the bed. You are in nothing but your  black cotton briefs as I walk in. My perfect silky smooth feet making soft pats on the floor as I get up on the bed. Laying down beside you as I let my hands wander your eager body. I will indulge your naught foot fetish desires.  As your eyes flutter open you watch my hands slide down your  strong chest. Feeling me brush against you as your eyes gaze upon me.Foot fetish

Are you ready for my sweet feet?

You see that I am wearing one of your favorites. My white sheer lacy lingerie barely hiding anything from the imagination as you linger on my smooth luscious long legs. I know you love it when I wear my soft sheer silky nude nylon pantyhose as the sheer fabric hugs my perfect tanned skin. Forever my foot fetish lover.

Hungry for more?

One of your hands reaches down to touch my upper sexy thigh. As you slowly make your way down my legs, your hands feel every inch of me. Slipping your fingers over me until your lips touch my thighs. Your hungry lips leaving kisses lightly as you brush them down my inner thighs. Kissing down as you slowly make your way to my soft feet.

Worship my feet!

I watch as you rub and kiss the tops of both of my sexy feet. Smelling them as you press them to your face and you start to worship my perfect feet and toes Licking and sucking my well manicured toes as you kiss my soft soles. Wrapping your hands around my thighs as you pull me towards you until I am sitting on the edge of the bed. Laying down on the bed I start to finger my tight asshole. Thrusting two fingers deep inside as you kiss me.
Indulge your foot fetish with me!
 While your mouth is busy worshiping me I reach one of my feet down and I start to rub them against your hard-on. Slowly rubbing the soft silky soles of my feet on your aching hard cock. Hooking my toes into the waistband of your briefs and pulling them down until your hard erection springs up for me. You’re so hard for me already?
My toes tease you!
My tantalizing toes tease the head of your cock slowly, only to rub down your shaft. Your cock throbbing between my toes as I stroke you up and down between them. I can feel the first bead of precum as I play with you! Rubbing and grinding my foot on your cock. Then taking both of my perfect feet and lightly grinding you between my perfect arches as I slowly rub your balls with my smooth heels.
Seducing you with my pretty feet.
Jerking your dick with my pretty feet as your hungry mouth laps at my pussy. You start to thrust between them as your hands wrap around my feet. You love feeling my nylons on your cock as you fuck my feet, don’t you? Your cock slides in and out feeling the nylon around you. Indulging in your foot fetish fantasies cum to real life and realized.
Now worship my pretty feet with your cock.
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Femdom phone sex

Longing to serve?

My humble Femdom phone sex servants love obeying my every whim and desire. Some are so dedicated they have even earned the privilege of receiving daily devotional tasks. Do you long for a chance at receiving Daily devotional task lists as well? Enjoying serving your mistress in every way?

Obeying has its benefits!

Of course this must be earned with frequent calls and good behavior. You must bow down to your Femdom Mistress become my total bitch boy to properly serve me! Expect to bow down. Your will is mine to play with.

Your new addiction.

Its true you may become addicted to me. My Erotic voice is smoother than silk and balm  for you soul. My passion a fire that burns within you. The imagination & intelligence I possess are like none  that you have had the pleasure of experiencing. My slaves  in real life would tell you my hot honey pot is sweeter than sugar.  Go ahead and confess all your Dark Desires to me darling.

Serve Your Goddess!

Its ok to be jealous. Don’t fret , If you are truly lucky I might send you an email graced with my sexy pictures and my demands. My demands could be the type of toys I wish you to purchase or the cloths I want you to wear. Perhaps I have busy work I want you to perform for me to make my life easier. Its very important to help your Phone Goddess . Be a good little whore and help free your Mistress’s time up to enable me to enjoy more ” Me time”.

Erotic Hypnosis .

Nothing pleases you more than Serving. Deep down you know you have always longed to be hypnotized by a perfect Goddess such as myself. Its ok to worship at my feet. Go ahead and kiss my perfectly pedicured toes. See how silky soft they are? How well they are painted? Even my shoes captivate your view. Your wife or girlfriend could never hold a candle to me.

Darker Desires.

My skin smells like Vanilla, coconuts cream and pure desire. Look upon my hair as shiny as glass &  soft as satin. The way it flows down my back in brown & auburn waves begging to be brushed and caressed. I bet you would do anything to wash and style my perfect locks. If only I would bless you with such a task. Your Beta Bitch dick gets so hard in your panties doesn’t it? You know I need bigger dick than you possess. It’s ok to wish you could bottom out inside me and make me scream in throes of passion.

Can you measure up?

To feel my hot tight wet love box squeeze and contract with wave after wave of orgasm is everything you only wish to achieve. But ….Do you truly measure up? Even if you had a cock handcrafted by the Gods furnished in gold. Even if you were hung like a Stallion, And hard as a Marble… Could you make me cum?

Feed my Sensual Appetites!

My appetites are never ending. I am an insatiable mistress. Though I love spreading pleasure to others my own appetite is of a size you can only dream of putting a dent in. That is why I keep so many lovers in my court. Being the queen of my sensual castle definitely has its benefits.  Not just for me but also for you.

What is your desire?

I will bring out things in you that you never dreamed you enjoyed. Your love of wearing panties perhaps? Or an unknown foot fetish you only flirted with. Maybe I pop that tight little anal cherry of yours? We both know its going to hurt , but oh the pleasure that it brings after will be so worth it.  Some of you are merely cock curious. While others of you are completely addicted to dick. But if dick is not your thing that’s ok. Maybe just a toy or  the occasional strap on.

No pain no gain!

No pain, well maybe just a bit. Unless of course you beg nicely and maybe if your very lucky I might hurt you. Don’t let BDSM scare you, we can take it slow. Cloths pins? Rubber bands? Clamps? Maybe you need a good spanking? Its ok to call me Mommy sometimes, many of my sluts often do. It’s because as well as being your sensual mistress I am also so very nurturing. Nothing pleases me more than telling you what a good boy you are for lick my hot wet pussy right before I milk your cock.

Are you hungry for more?

Of course you will cum in your very own mouth now won’t you. I love it when my dirty little whores gobble up every drop of their own creamy thick sweet rich nut. Go ahead and lick each one of your fingers. who knew being a greedy cum eating servant would be so tasty.


Are you scared? Scared our time on the phone may change you? It might, but that’s ok… you will be much better for it. Trust me I know best 😉 Call me for Femdom phone sex when your looking for an authentic meaningful Domination Phone Sex experience. Each and every moment we spend together will only leave you wanting more. Give yourself to me, I am waiting.

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Seductive Phone sex

I love a man who takes his time. One who kisses me nice and slow. Desire slowly blossoming like a desert flower. As each petal opens and stretches ecstasy slowly builds.

Looking for someone to explore your slow seductive side with? I am not here to judge you. You can share your deepest darkest secrets with me. Seductive Phone sex isn’t just about a bit of role play that leads to an orgasm.  It allows you to connect to someone on a deep sensual sexual level. Experience  fantasies you can’t share with anyone else. 

Do you long to be edged? Teased over and over again. I love prolonging pleasure, as the ending is so much more intense. Your hard swollen member begging for release.  My lips curving around the head of your cock. My tongue flicking down your base. My lips and tongue rimming the crack of your ass.

I want to kiss your balls and caress them in my soft hand. Slide you deep into my mouth and make you feel like a man.  Drive you crazy, then stop.  You watch with hunger as I put on a show. Your pre-cum honey drips for me, You long to be let in.

Shhh. Just watch as I tease you. My hips thrust to passions symphony. Watching you watching me.  I want you to ache with desire before we become one. Your need to fill me is overwhelming now.

When I kiss you , my lips dance softly on yours. I can feel the hunger between each kiss. Your hands get rougher so I tie them up. Your mouth reaches for mine. I pull away just enough to be in your reach. My tight wet pussy sliding against your  dick. No not yet

I take an ice cube in my mouth and kiss your neck slow. Your nipples perk as the ice melts in my mouth. I bite you softly, rubbing just your mushroom head against my  slick tight warmth.

Tenderness, then Tease and denial. I know you would ravish me if I set you free. I think I will keep you on the edge.

Your tongue slides in my mouth, like you wish your cock was. I suck on your tongue as I dance on your body with my fingertips.  Your back arches as I kiss down your chest, your stomach and between your thighs.

My lips kissing you places no one has ever been. Your legs thrashing as my tongue teases you. You want your hands free. I enjoy the power I am having over you.  Then I set you free . I love the intensity in your gaze. I love the way you throw me down and make me pay. Grinding yourself with a thirst that’s seen no water in days.I want you to cry, I want you to scream my name.

Ready for  Seductive phone sex  that will leave you addicted?  Call me 😉

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Juicy phone sex

The only time I expect to hear anything come from your mouth is when I tell you to open it to drink my sweet  Juicy phone sex. I don’t really care much about how much you want to have your cock played with after I ride your face into the night. I desire a slave who knows how to worship my body and every curve that comes along with it. After all, a queen deserves to be worshiped as much as possible.

I remember my first slave who I had to teach everything to. It was cute how clueless he was and how much he craved my presence. I could be gone for only a few minutes and he would be sending me text messages begging for me to come see him again. To this day, I am still in contact with him and often receive his help in training my other slaves. He’s always been around and knows my current needs.

Do you need a Phone Sex Mistress who is going to train you and turn you into the best slave you can be? Call me and ask about my submissive phone sex training and see exactly how you can serve me during each one of our sessions. I require you to have an open mind and an obedient attitude. Once we go over a few basics, everything else will fall into place as long as you follow each and every one of my orders.

Have you been looking for a seductive Mistress? Well, she’s arrived

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Holiday phonesex games

Holiday phonesex games


I’ve been thinking of some seductive Holiday phonesex games to play with my phone sex lovers. Who doesn’t love a bit of competition during the holidays? We all know that I enjoy being a seductress and teasing men with my curves and sexy talk. I find myself constantly getting wet in between my legs when a new one of my lovers approaches me with a new Christmas roleplay phonesex scenario.

Have you ever experienced something so hot that it made you dream about it day in and day out? That’s how I feel when it comes to my sexy roleplays. I love making someone’s fantasies come true when they least expect it. The other day one of my lovers asked me if we could meet up for a special treat.

I’m always up for something new and exciting so of course I met up with him. When I got to our special spot, he asked me to seductively strip off my clothes and meet him on the roof. Once I got up there I was so excited to see rose petals and champagne. As soon as he began kissing my neck, I felt a few drops of rain hit my forehead.

I thought about running back inside, but then I thought about how sexy it would be to have sex outside in the rain. My love box got even wetter as he stroked my face before fucking me from behind. I came so hard while the rain drops rolled off my back. Want to hear more? Give me a call! Lets enjoy one of many sexy Holiday phonesex games together! You always win when we play! Ask me about my free picture giveaway when you call!

Ps. I love generous men. Wanna be my secret Santa? Spoil me by going to the link below.  There you can select the amount of gift/tribute you would enjoy sending your mistress. xoxoxoxo

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Mild to Wild Seduction roleplays

Mild to Wild Seduction roleplays

My desire for pleasing men is insatiable !

There isn’t any better time than the present to finally experience The Seduction roleplay you’ve been dreaming of. So many phone lovers call me with  new Domination fantasies they want to try out since their spouse or girlfriend isn’t interested in them. The great thing about me is that I’m open to most things. I feel that in order to live a happy life, one must experience some of the naughty seductive phone sex thoughts that roll around in the mind.

I love a detail oriented man.

The mind is such a beautiful thing. It can create a sensual phone sex fantasy and imprint it so deep into your brain that it’s all that you think about. Every morning when you wake up, you dwell on the fact that you have not fully reached your potential when it comes to satisfying your sexual appetite.

I crave bringing you to an explosive phone sex orgasm

It’s hard for you since you’ve never really been able to experience true dirty deeds. You’ve always felt like something was holding you back until you ran across my profile. Shamelessly confess what makes you tick. We can share our kinky secrets & enjoy them together. 

My phone sex  indulges your every desire from mild to wild.

You were immediately captivated by my supple breasts, smooth looking skin, and gorgeous brown eyes. You instantly began dreaming about penetrating my holes and making them sore while pinching my nipples until I couldn’t take it anymore. Your desire to fuck tight pussy has brought you to this very point in your life. You no longer have to search for your perfect freaky Cuckold Phone Sex match. The answer to all of your red hot desires is only a phone call away.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting your call.

Call me so we can get started! I am here to give you a unique one of a kind Phone sex experience.  Get some of the best phone sex for your hard earned money. Your time is important to me. You will find enjoying my services is money well spent. I will tailor our time together to meet your needs. Cum give me a try & feel the difference. 


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Sultry Seduction fantasy


Are you ready to experience your Secret Sultry Seduction fantasy? Some of you may crave romance, intrigue & of course seduction phone sex. When you call I always miss you.  Imagine the thrill of calling your phone sex mistress who is always happy to make up for lost time.

We can enjoy all kinds of fantasy role plays. I would love to be that sultry enchantress in a hot red dress come to seduce your senses. I saunter into the entry of the hotel bar. The moment you see me I take your breath away.

Or maybe I am that naughty but nice wife. I indulge all your kinky phone sex fantasies. Naughty neighbor tickle your fancy? Of course I can be that horny cuckold wife who entertains lots of big cock while your away.

Do you get to watch? Well that all depends on my mood. Maybe I let you fluff my lovers as you jerk off. Or maybe I make you listen at the door with your cock in a cage. Does your naughty neighbor undress with her windows open? Will your kinky wife entertain your threesome phone sex? Call me and find out where our fantasy phone sex takes us.

Maybe I am that sexy stranger? Do you have an escort fantasy? When we make our way to your room a bottle of iced champagne awaits. Our mind wanders to the chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream .

Unwrap me like a present. Remove each layer of clothing from my naked body slowly. We kiss for hours, the ice from the champagne fuels our kisses. Tease me as I tease you. Our bodies react in erotic ways. So many kinky delightful ways to enjoy those strawberries and whipped cream *wink. A bubbling hot tub to sooth whatever may ache?

Care to take my hand and join me lover? Sultry Seduction fantasy phone sex can be everything you desire and more!

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Feminization phonesex



I love secrets!

Do you have a secret Feminization phonesex fantasy? One of my cum slut phone sex boyfriends and I explored sissy fantasy role play together. I knew he was longing to be a real girl. I could see the way he lusted after well hung sexy men and their huge throbbing hard cocks.  I decided to sneak some hormones into his evening cocktails to help him become a real girl.

So you want to be my sissy slut?

Slowly his body changed into a beautiful feminine form. One night I decided to surprise him with a special magazine that showed Sissy sluts and their daddies. He was very confused but I could tell he was very aroused.  I tempted him with a pair of my pink silky lacy panties. He loved the way the fabric felt against his skin. He looked so pretty in those pink & white lacy panties for me.

I will make you look sexy for daddy!

When I finished the outfit with a demi push up bra, garter belt and stockings he felt very sexy. My sissy slut was ready to meet his new daddy. It just so happens I had one on his way over. My sissy boyfriend tried to deny his love of big dicks but his hard sissy clit gave him away. It wasn’t long before he was sucking that fat  cock balls deep for me.

Good girls get rewarded!

He was such a good girl for me, I licked his sissy pussy nice and slow as he sucked my lovers throbbing man meat. But when I fingered his tight little man pussy he came so hard for mommy. Do you have a sissy phone sex fantasy? I would love to entertain it. Its OK to be Cock curious.

Give in to your sissy slut fantasies!

I would love to dress you up in girly lingerie from head to toe and seduce you into sissy phone sex. Cum here and be a good girl for mommy. I would love to indulge your need for Feminization phonesex . Now dress pretty, grab some toys and call me. Open up and say ahhh when mommy says suck it. And if you do a good job, Spread those legs  and go ahead and fuck it!

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Panty lover Black mail


Panty lover Black Mail phone sex took me by surprise.

I never intended to commit  Panty lover Black mail role play phone sex, but I just couldn’t help myself. My naughty shy best friend loves secretly taking my panties and wearing them around the house. I noticed a few weeks ago that my panties kept mysteriously disappearing.

My suspicion’s led me to catch my friend in the act of panty play phone sex.

I had a suspicion my friend was enjoying panty play phone sex in secret. My silk thongs would always disappear after he left my house. So I planted a camera near my panty drawer and caught him red handed in the act. I told him I would tell his girlfriend that he loves panty lover phone sex, but he begged me not to tell.

I made him model in my panties for my pleasure!

So what did I do? I blackmailed him and made him do all kinds of dirty acts in my sexy panties. I make sure he models my silky panties at least once a week and I tempt him with my wet cunt right in front of him as he walks around in my panties. I can always see his little hard dick perking up through my undies and he begs to jerk off in front of me.

Then he jerked off to my hot wet cunt!

I just laugh in his face and make him get down on his hands and knees in blackmail phone sex. I take his cock out of my panties and watch as he jerks off to my sweet pussy. Once he’s good and hard and on the verge of cumming, I make him put his cock back into my panties and cum in them. I can’t help but  laugh at him as he sits in cum filled panties.

He is forever my Kinky Panty slut now!

He will always be my naughty little panty wearing slut until the end of time, because of his dirty little secret. Do you have a dirty little secret too? Find yourself digging in women’s dirty hampers searching for a silky treat? Do you seek out your wife’s panties? Maybe your mothers thongs? Or do you have a sexy sister or roommate you love to borrow from? Call me with all your naughty secrets!

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Pantyhose phone sex

Pantyhose phone sex

Do you have secret Pantyhose phone sex fantasies?

The other day I caught my college roommate wearing stockings in Pantyhose phone sex. I first caught him buying them at a lingerie store when we went shopping together after class. We both tried on our silky garments in separate dressing rooms, He had no idea that I actually caught a quick glance of him wearing pantyhose.

He confessed all his Pantyhose phone sex desires to me.

Once we got home I went on the internet and found his profile on line of him confessing how much he loves pantyhose. So one day while he was at work I snuck into his room and found his porn and stash of pantyhose. I decided to make him confess and black mail him in confession phone sex.

Now all he can think about is having more Pantyhose phone sex.

Wanting to install the fear of letting his coworkers in on his dirty little secret I didn’t stop there. I decided to pretend to go to work, while purposely leaving my gently worn panty hose from the night before  with my freshly fucked dildo laying on the bed for him to find. To make things even more interesting, I took a day off from work so that we could have seductive phone sex.

There are so many ways to enjoy Pantyhose phone sex with me

Hopeful I would find him wearing my pantyhose and playing with my thick dildo I waited. I was shocked when I walked in on him wearing my stockings and touching himself while sucking on my dildo that was already covered in my sticky juices. Then I made him bend over and played with his ass as I watched his dick perk up. Within minutes he exploded onto my bed and stained my stockings with his semen.

Call me with all your Pantyhose phone sex desires! I can’t wait to find out what makes you tick as I indulge your rock hard dick!

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