Panty lover phone sex

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Who’s panties will you pick for Panty lover phone sex? Do you pick your moms, stepmoms, wife’s, sisters or even your 18 year old step daughters? Does the idea of jerking off in the panties of someone close to you get you off?

Or maybe you prefer the dirty panties left by strangers you find in the laundromat or when you visit a friends house? Does your best friend have a hot wife you have always wanted to fuck? Even if you can’t fuck her you can jerk off in her dirty panties right?

Feel free to bring sex toys to the party too. A vibrator in your tight little ass? Or do you  alternate between a cock stroker sleeve and panties. Where you finish is up to you. Maybe you like to lick and sniff the panties while you jerk off in a second pair. Or if your really kinky you could put on a pair and rub your cock in them until you cum!

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Little Dick Humiliation

Little Dick Humiliation takes us by surprise.

You kept begging for Little Dick Humiliation. My girlfriends & I are having a sleepover at my place tonight. We get into a huge pillow fight in nothing but our silky pajamas. We keep playing around until one of us decides to play spin the bottle. We all get into a circle as we get ready to play,

Little Dick Humiliation
Little Dick Humiliation

I’m up first! I spin the bottle and the two girls across from me start making out. It’s all fun and games until we hear something from inside the closet.

I get up and open the door only to find a small-dicked pervert! You have  been watching us the whole time while jerking your  woefully inadequate little dick.

Losers love Little Dick Humiliation

Girl’s look at this little loser beat it! It’s so small it’s not even a dick at all, it’s so tiny. I’ve never seen a micro-penis before, it’s so cute. Its smaller than my pinky. Look at those intense faces he makes. Rubbing his tiny dick with a couple of fingers.

Can you even cum to Little Dick Humiliation?

Is any cum even going to come out of that tiny little thing? You keep stroking it so hard for us girls. I think we need to punish you.  Your such a looser hiding in the closet jerking your mini prick. Did you think you wouldn’t get caught. With all that moaning and loud heavy breathing of course we heard you.

Dress up during Little Dick Humiliation!

Your even wearing  woman’s panties. Oh ..are those panties mine? They are mine!  During Little Dick Humiliation you wear my panties and cross dress too. You need to learn a lesson Mr. pervert.  You are going to make it up to us. You are going to be our little pet looser! Get on your hands and knees. Crawl on the floor in front of us with that hard little pin dick in your panties.

Shrimp dick perverts love to jerk it!

You want to please our pretty perfect pussy‘s but you don’t have enough cock to even try! How could we even feel it?  Shrimp dick losers like you don’t get pussy. Your dicks to small to  fuck a girl, Especially  hot girls like us.

We will be brutal during Little Dick Humiliation!

Little dick bitchYour dick is smaller than my thumb & as skinny as my pinky.  You look like such a looser rubbing your little button.  Your jerking off so hard & looking at our pussies. What a naughty boy! You know you can’t possibly please any of my hot girlfriends and I with that baby dick.

That’s ok we will put on our cheer leading uniforms and cheer for you like the looser you are. We know how much you love being encouraged and laughed at as you jerk it!

Be sure to send us a picture if your super brave. We love laughing at tiny little dicks like yours. Call me for Little Dick Humiliation Phone sex!


Femdom phone sex

Longing to serve?

My humble Femdom phone sex servants love obeying my every whim and desire. Some are so dedicated they have even earned the privilege of receiving daily devotional tasks. Do you long for a chance at receiving Daily devotional task lists as well? Enjoying serving your mistress in every way?

Obeying has its benefits!

Of course this must be earned with frequent calls and good behavior. You must bow down to your Femdom Mistress become my total bitch boy to properly serve me! Expect to bow down. Your will is mine to play with.

Your new addiction.

Its true you may become addicted to me. My Erotic voice is smoother than silk and balm  for you soul. My passion a fire that burns within you. The imagination & intelligence I possess are like none  that you have had the pleasure of experiencing. My slaves  in real life would tell you my hot honey pot is sweeter than sugar.  Go ahead and confess all your Dark Desires to me darling.

Serve Your Goddess!

Its ok to be jealous. Don’t fret , If you are truly lucky I might send you an email graced with my sexy pictures and my demands. My demands could be the type of toys I wish you to purchase or the cloths I want you to wear. Perhaps I have busy work I want you to perform for me to make my life easier. Its very important to help your Phone Goddess . Be a good little whore and help free your Mistress’s time up to enable me to enjoy more ” Me time”.

Erotic Hypnosis .

Nothing pleases you more than Serving. Deep down you know you have always longed to be hypnotized by a perfect Goddess such as myself. Its ok to worship at my feet. Go ahead and kiss my perfectly pedicured toes. See how silky soft they are? How well they are painted? Even my shoes captivate your view. Your wife or girlfriend could never hold a candle to me.

Darker Desires.

My skin smells like Vanilla, coconuts cream and pure desire. Look upon my hair as shiny as glass &  soft as satin. The way it flows down my back in brown & auburn waves begging to be brushed and caressed. I bet you would do anything to wash and style my perfect locks. If only I would bless you with such a task. Your Beta Bitch dick gets so hard in your panties doesn’t it? You know I need bigger dick than you possess. It’s ok to wish you could bottom out inside me and make me scream in throes of passion.

Can you measure up?

To feel my hot tight wet love box squeeze and contract with wave after wave of orgasm is everything you only wish to achieve. But ….Do you truly measure up? Even if you had a cock handcrafted by the Gods furnished in gold. Even if you were hung like a Stallion, And hard as a Marble… Could you make me cum?

Feed my Sensual Appetites!

My appetites are never ending. I am an insatiable mistress. Though I love spreading pleasure to others my own appetite is of a size you can only dream of putting a dent in. That is why I keep so many lovers in my court. Being the queen of my sensual castle definitely has its benefits.  Not just for me but also for you.

What is your desire?

I will bring out things in you that you never dreamed you enjoyed. Your love of wearing panties perhaps? Or an unknown foot fetish you only flirted with. Maybe I pop that tight little anal cherry of yours? We both know its going to hurt , but oh the pleasure that it brings after will be so worth it.  Some of you are merely cock curious. While others of you are completely addicted to dick. But if dick is not your thing that’s ok. Maybe just a toy or  the occasional strap on.

No pain no gain!

No pain, well maybe just a bit. Unless of course you beg nicely and maybe if your very lucky I might hurt you. Don’t let BDSM scare you, we can take it slow. Cloths pins? Rubber bands? Clamps? Maybe you need a good spanking? Its ok to call me Mommy sometimes, many of my sluts often do. It’s because as well as being your sensual mistress I am also so very nurturing. Nothing pleases me more than telling you what a good boy you are for lick my hot wet pussy right before I milk your cock.

Are you hungry for more?

Of course you will cum in your very own mouth now won’t you. I love it when my dirty little whores gobble up every drop of their own creamy thick sweet rich nut. Go ahead and lick each one of your fingers. who knew being a greedy cum eating servant would be so tasty.


Are you scared? Scared our time on the phone may change you? It might, but that’s ok… you will be much better for it. Trust me I know best 😉 Call me for Femdom phone sex when your looking for an authentic meaningful Domination Phone Sex experience. Each and every moment we spend together will only leave you wanting more. Give yourself to me, I am waiting.

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Panty lover Black mail


Panty lover Black Mail phone sex took me by surprise.

I never intended to commit  Panty lover Black mail role play phone sex, but I just couldn’t help myself. My naughty shy best friend loves secretly taking my panties and wearing them around the house. I noticed a few weeks ago that my panties kept mysteriously disappearing.

My suspicion’s led me to catch my friend in the act of panty play phone sex.

I had a suspicion my friend was enjoying panty play phone sex in secret. My silk thongs would always disappear after he left my house. So I planted a camera near my panty drawer and caught him red handed in the act. I told him I would tell his girlfriend that he loves panty lover phone sex, but he begged me not to tell.

I made him model in my panties for my pleasure!

So what did I do? I blackmailed him and made him do all kinds of dirty acts in my sexy panties. I make sure he models my silky panties at least once a week and I tempt him with my wet cunt right in front of him as he walks around in my panties. I can always see his little hard dick perking up through my undies and he begs to jerk off in front of me.

Then he jerked off to my hot wet cunt!

I just laugh in his face and make him get down on his hands and knees in blackmail phone sex. I take his cock out of my panties and watch as he jerks off to my sweet pussy. Once he’s good and hard and on the verge of cumming, I make him put his cock back into my panties and cum in them. I can’t help but  laugh at him as he sits in cum filled panties.

He is forever my Kinky Panty slut now!

He will always be my naughty little panty wearing slut until the end of time, because of his dirty little secret. Do you have a dirty little secret too? Find yourself digging in women’s dirty hampers searching for a silky treat? Do you seek out your wife’s panties? Maybe your mothers thongs? Or do you have a sexy sister or roommate you love to borrow from? Call me with all your naughty secrets!

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Panty Phone sex pervert

The revelation that my land lord is a Panty Phone sex pervert changed everything.

Panty Phone sex pervert

I’ve known for some time now that my landlord has been sneaking into my place for sissy panty lover phone sex. One day I finally tricked him into being my sissy. I walked in one him that same day in my room wearing my pink panties and being a sissy slut sliding my toy up in and out of his ass. I giggled as I caught him in nothing but my panties being a total slut.

I sat there and watched him jerk off in my panties for me like the Panty Phone sex pervert he is . I love watching his little cock move back and forth as he tries to milk it. He was laying on my bed with my entire drawer of goodies in front of him drooling at the mouth. He began sucking one of my dildos while fucking himself with the other and wearing my pink frilly thong silky panties. I kept hearing him chant how he is a true panty lover and has an addiction to strapon phone sex.

While my perverted landlord was sitting there, he began watching a video of me fucking my wet cunt with big black dildos. After he came some more for me, I decided he needed to be taught a lesson, so I pulled out my lovely twelve inch big black strapon for him. I watched as he lovingly sucked on it for me and then took my strap on dick in balls deep.

I then allowed him to jerk off in his silky panties as I fucked his tight sissy fuck hole with my pussy stick. I loved bending him over and pegging his tight little fuck hole. He kept begging for more panty lover phone sex and before I knew it, he came in his pink silky panties for me.

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Panty Lover phone sex


Panty lover phone sex

Whenever my sister and  naughty brother in law visit, I often find my silky pink panties missing. So last time they visited I made sure to  close my  bedroom door . When I finally caught the culprit, I was in shock. I lingered in the doorway of my bedroom watching as my horny brother in law sniffed my silky pink lacey panties in  Panty Lover phone sex. He stroked his face with my panties in ectasy and traced his hungry tongue around the inside of the crotch area imagining my hot dripping wet pussy being in them. After catching him, I decided to take a quick shower to figure out my next move. He crept into my bathroom while I was showering so he could sniff my freshly discarded dirty panties while stroking his hard erect throbbing cock. He admired the soap suds clinging onto my curves and then gently washing off of my sexy body. I heard him moaning how much he loved sister in law fantasies and felt him creeping up towards the shower even more. He opened up the shower curtain and begin taking in my scent even further while he exploded his hot thick rich cum cream into my silky bikini panties. My sister and naughty brother in law still visit, but when they aren’t here, I tell him over the phone to put a small vibrator deep inside his tight little ass while he rubs my panties up and down on his bulging rock hard dick. I also tell him to pinch his pink nipples as he moans then cums to the sweet sound of my voice while screaming out my name.

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Playful Panty Mistress

Playful Panty Mistress

I am a bit of a Playful Panty Mistress. There’s something about a naughty horny sissy wearing  a pair of my pink or white frilly panties that really turns me on. Whenever one of my sissy’s comes over to my house for panty lover role play, I immediately begin punishing them. See I have to keep a tight leash around my sissys or they would basically do anything they wanted to do. All of them need permission to wear panties and if they don’t ask me first, I make them play a few of my humiliation games in public. I love public humiliation phone sex so the world can see my sissys in their finest lingerie. We usually go to a mall where we go shopping for a bit before I start my gentle humiliation play. I make sure to find them the smallest feminine frilly silky lacy panties that barely cover their little sissy cocks. One time I even caught one of my sissy’s trying to cut a hole into a pair of panties for easy access in sissy phone sex. I like to tease and stroke their cocks through their tight satiny panties making their cocks instantly perk up. Playing with their little male pussy’s gives me a rush and instantly makes me want tease and denial phone sex. My sissy s and panty perverts love begging for more of my attention. When they are good I allow  them to cum in every pair of my panties and make them wear them for hours after the fact.  Many of my cuckold sluts love to wear my panties too while they watch me take massive dicks in my hot wet holes. As your Playful Panty Mistress , I’ll keep training you to be the best panty slut anyone has ever seen. Call me so your training of your tight man pussy and pathetic tiny little dick can begin!


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